USS Magnificent

I've watched this map grow, from alpha to beta now to release stage, and I tell you what; It gets better very time I see it!

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I've watched this map grow, from alpha to beta now to release stage, and I tell you what; It gets better very time I see it!

This map is unbelievable, it has the bridge (of course ;) ), transporter room, mess hall, cargobay, shuttlebay, sickbay and a impresive engineering as well as all the usual areas. Every time I had a sneak at engineering the core had changed - lol. But the current one is the best one by far Mr.T has done an exelent job with it.

The bridge has interactive consoles (as featured in Deralict 3) and Mr.T and James Nukem has enlisted the help of Mystic Blossom for the brilliant computer voice over sounds :). The textures on this map are brilliant as the rest of the map is, my favourite textures are the animated Lcars consoles, good job guys!

As usal James Nukem and Mr.T have put a lot of hidden serects in the map, some of what we've seen before, mostly not though! This map all in all is one of the best maps I've ever played on, its great fun on all the game modes (allthough it was designed with assim mainly in mind).

The only downside to this file is its BIG, but thats just all the really cool custom models. No bot support as of yet, but james assures me that might be coming as another add-on.

Because the file is so big, James and Mr.T have made the music as an add-on to the map, I really recommend you getting this because it really works well with the map, giving it a nice background sound to frag to :). Get the music from:

Last thing - Go Download this map NOW

- New Textures - Yes - New Sounds - Yes - New Models - Yes - Bot Support - No

- Phenix

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Download '' (14.57MB)

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Based on ctf_Deralict by James Nukem.

Welcome and thank you for downloading my lattest and greatest mapping achivement!
I hope you enjoy playing, This is our last best map for Elite Force 1, we now await
what the future holds for our maps in EF2 which hopefully will be out around June 26th.

This map will most likly be played on all of !Popes servers and other Assim's up.

Just incase you dont know how to add and run a custom map.
Extract from the ussmagnificent.pk3 to your Startrek Voyager Elite Force
BASEEF folder.
Then run EF and bring down the console by pressing the ¬ key next to 1 and type:
/map ussmagnificent


The MagMusic.pk3 avalable at
It has been released as a OPTIONAL download seperate because the file sizes combined were insane.


Before packing up my map editor and deleting all my editing stuff and closing up shop for EF1 and
getting ready for ef2 as alot of people are doing i decided to make one last map for EF1 with Mr T
to keep our skills sharp. We put alot of time and effort into this map, mostly on the textures, models
sounds and all that stuff.
Mr T did some fantastic work on his first model creations for this map.
Because of this it has a somewhat large file size.

* Ship design and features *

The USS Magnificant, a Saber class refit built at the Cochran ship yards in orbit of Alpha Centari,
our smallest, most manuverable advanced ship built to date. The ship comes with a transporter room, 
mess hall, impressive bridge, cargobay, shuttlebay and all the usual areas, most impresive of all is
the engine room, this area must have undergone the most changes, the core the most!.
T did the fantastic core that is totaly a model.



Map file name: ussmagnificent
Build time: to long
Decks: 3-4 large ones
Features: A few nifty traps and secrets i will leave you to find out.
Sickbay, Transporter room, Enginerring, Shuttlebay, Dinning hall, Crew Quarters, 
WORKING TURBOLIFT SYSTEM, Main bridge, cargobay.


* A very very special thanks to Mystic Blossom for lending her well done voice for the computer.

* Mr T - Textures, Models, Shaders, Mapping.

* James Nukem, Lead map layout creator, some textures.

* for some of the textures.

* Everyone who Beta tested and gave ideas.

* The Raven BSS, Ritualistic and forums for support and feedback.

Thanks also go to following Beta testers.


Listing in no particular order as they come to mind.

1. !AAH!James Nukem - Developer
2. !AAH!MR T - Developer
3. !AAH!Wise Washu - Beta tester
4. *[BC]*Cpt_Species - Beta tester
5. Killer - Beta tester
6. Phenix - Elite Force files, Beta tester
7. Crusader - Elite Role Playing, Beta tester
and everyone else

Thank you all for helping make this map posible.

And of Course thanks to the EF Community in general and the people on the Raven Mod board 
and in Elite Role Playing for comments and feedback.

Known bugs:
Max Shadders can sometimes pop up if you have lots of custom skins when you open the 
charicter screen, i recomend choosing your char b4 you play the map or join a server 
and stick to it to avoid that. If MAX SHADDERS does pop up simply re load map (Vid_restart) or 
/reconnect to the server.

Oh and also other known bugs, Dung beatle, cockroach, low lifes that DEVMAP and NOCLIP to
find my secrets, peons that moan about something they wanted in the map not being there and
people that phaser my pics.

* Credits and resouces used *

Map Developers: James Nukem and MR T
Textures: James Nukem and mostly MR T
Computer Audio: Mystic Blossom
Shaders: MR T
Technology: MR T
Models: Mr T
Map layout and design: James Nukem
Sound editing: James Nukem
Sound collecting: James Nukem and MR T
Music: Star Trek Generations "Out gunned" and "Out of controll"
Exessive bug finding and constructive critisisim: Wise Washu

Lcars Texrtures and some sound files used courtesy of Star Trek in Sound and Vision and

As far as im aware the map file is perfectly fine and shoudlent do anything bad ^_^.
BUT incase it dose (or some mad person tries anything funny) i accept no responsibility for
any damage that may result from the use of this file. all files shoule be virus scanned after download
before opening.

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