USS Salem



NOTE: This file has been re-reviewed by Scooter due to the reviews of Crusader and Phenix being overly critical of the map.

Another quality map from Dooley, who comes to us from the Bridge Commander community where his claim to fame is his canon mods. I found this map to be much more enjoyable and more useful than his previous map Crashsite. Perhaps it will be out-done by his upcoming starbase map? Yes there are a few minor bugs with this map, but the brush work is excellent. Dooley is planning on doing a version 2 of this map.

You can tell he spent some quality time on getting the corridors looking good. Getting the scale and detail right can make or break a map. I also really liked the jeffries tube under the floor, and the fact that it was on the same deck as engineering. Hey, if this map can get me back on the server roleplaying again, it must be good, right?



###USS Salem NCC-2791-A###
Made by Dooley

This map is supposed to represent an Excelsior Class Starship called the USS Salem. Everything in this map is original. Mapped by me. It may look simialr to other maps, but that is because I based my work on other people's works. 

Thanks to:

Simmo for all his LCARS
Mr. T for use of Serenity Models
Mr. T for any textures I may have used
Carley for his continued help on this
Totaly Games for the publicly released shuttlecraft model
P81 for permission to use his Excelsior
Aquarius for his help compiling
AlphaOmega for his unlimited patience with compiling the map and getting this out on time
Archer and Duo for thier constant input
People of ERP and the forums for thier continued support

To install map simply place pk3s into your baseef folder and load the map in elite force.
To load, type /map uss_salem_a

Any problems contact me:
[email protected]

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