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This is an alpha version which means it's a long way from being done. Most of the bugs that I saw are mentioned in the readme like overlapp...


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This is an alpha version which means it's a long way from being done. Most of the bugs that I saw are mentioned in the readme like overlapping brushes and brushes not being aligned correctly. So basically this is just to show you what's been done so far. Nevertheless, I thought the bridge was sort of lacking a certain feeling you get like when you walk over some of the other rpg map bridges.

Tenacious currently has only a few areas but he's working on the rest of the ship. You currently have the bridge and the directly surrounding rooms like the briefingroom and the ready room. The doors leading to the other areas failed to work properly and I thought the overall map was kind of small. I'm not talking about that only the bridge and the surrounding areas have been finished but the dimensions were kind of wrong. Everything just feels to small.

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Readme: Elite Force Map - USS Tenacious
By radiant_rookie
Contact me at:

This is my latest attempt, modelled after a Nebula class.

So far the bridge and surrounding areas (Ready room, conference room, turbolift, etc) have been completed and I'm currently working on the rest of the ship.

On that note, I might add that I'm also in the process of adding some of the rarely-seen rooms on a starship, such as the Impulse reactor control room, sensor maintainence and perhaps, if I get round to it, the auxiliary control room.

Don't expect any updates for this map for a few months or so as I'm going to be very, very busy with exams.

Anyway, until then, happy gaming! ;-)

To install, just copy usstenacious.pk3 to the folder:
 "X:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF" (where X:\ is the drive you installed Elite Force in.)

To play the map, select USS Tenacious (ALPHA) from the Solo match menu.

Map Features: 
Match Types: FFA
Bot Support: No
Recommended Players: 1

Known Bugs:

Bear in mind that this is an ALPHA release, so there are probably quite a few bugs that I haven't spotted yet, but at present the main bugs are:

- Exterior view model - I cant get Milkshape to export an MD3 with textures, so I'm afraid for the moment you're stuck with an untextured model of the aft section of a Nebula visible from the conference room.

- Miscellaneous texture overlaps and brush errors - Hey, nobody's perfect!

-Doors - The diagonal doors can give you a bit of trouble (i.e crushing), but it doesn't happen that often.

If you find any others, please let me know via the comments page on - it's the only way I'll learn!

As I mentioned above, I'm stuck with an untextured Nebula MD3 at present. If anybody has any info on how to texture it (bearing in mind I know absolutely NOTHING about modelling or handling MD3 files), or is willing to lend me a properly textured Nebula aft section (From the bridge dome backwards) with less than 1000 verts then please, e-mail me with the solution (

Thanks in advance!

This map is the copyright of its creator. Do not edit or reverse-engineer it in any way without my prior written consent. You may use the included textures provided that you contact me and ask my permission first. You may also post this map on another download site, again provided that you ask my permission first.

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