USS Washington-C - NCC-40904

Today, Ferengi gives us a version of the new USS Washington-C (NCC-40904)! One of two maps in progress at the moment by the St...


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Today, Ferengi gives us a version of the new USS Washington-C (NCC-40904)! One of two maps in progress at the moment by the Star Trek: New Hope group, who have, in the past released such fine maps as Station Modas and USS Ariana. Does this version of USS Washington continue the trend? Short answer: No.

The Washington is a fairly sizable Luna-class starship (as seen in the Star Trek: Titan novels) which has all the usual areas you would expect in a roleplaying map; the bridge, sickbay, engineering, as well as countless rooms that have... well... just computer screens and tables. This map is science lab heaven, although the problem is that none of the controls in these rooms actually do anything, no special features or even bleeps. Elsewhere is better, though. The main rooms have all the usual features and the layout of the decks is excellent, especially Deck 1, which is expanded beyond just simply a bridge and ready room. The shuttlebay was the biggest disapointment, map-wise, with its lazy design and poorly operated lift. On a technical side, missing textures can be a huge problem if you don't have all the required maps (and more) in your BaseEF. Even with everything the readme asks for, there are still several blank textures. The mapping quality itself wasn't a problem, although on the Engineering deck, there were multiple cases of doors lacking an upper frame, resulting in the skybox being seen. Even the textures themselves are nothing new and give you that nostalgic Poseidon-A feel (thats not a good thing).

You may start to think that I'm having a bad day and I'm taking it out on this poor file, but I was expecting something of better quality. This may only be a beta, however. To be fair to the mapper, the ship and the design isn't all that bad and if you get the textures sorted, you could have excellent roleplays on this map. With some more development and perhaps some more features, this map could be really good, but the stage it is at feels lacking. Feels like a Beta, not a proper release.

Of course, whatever the quality, this is a must for roleplayers!

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download '' (4.2MB)

USS Washington-C

Created by RadiSign, completed by Marc Harison (Ferengi).

-RPG-X 2.X
-USS Ariana
-USS Enterprise-E (V1)
-USS Poseidon-A

Put the zzuss_washington_c.pk3 into you BaseEF folder.
To load the map on a running server, type in the console: /map uss_washington_c

Mukosaka textures are from RadiSign, they are free of use until he is
named as author in the Readme.
Enterprise-E and Poseidon-A textures by Will&Ant. Thank you for that.
Star Trek (C), in all its various forms, is tademark
of Paramount Pictures Inc.
All other content belongs to their respectiv holders.

Do not decompile or use this map in parts or complete to build something new.
Do not say that you made this map. The map is ownership of ST New Hope (German
RP Community) and Marc Harison (Ferengi).

The USS Washington-C is a Luna Class starship, which where build in the
shipyard in the Modas System (Gamma Quadrant). It was build to establish a
defense an research fleet.
(View the whole Story at the RPG Group Advertisements.)

Bugreports please at Dominique.Meyer1[AT]gmx[DOT]net or post them on our Bugtracker.

Special Thanks:
RadiSign (New Hope) which created this map and gave me the permission to finish it.
B'Elanna Torres (New Hope and Brave Explorers RP) for the beta- and bugtesting.
All who started the New Hope Project. May it go boldly!

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