Vidiian Harvester Weapon

This weapon mod changes the phaser to look like the Vidiian weapon, its pretty good model wise, and the primary fire is also canon. The seco...


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This weapon mod changes the phaser to look like the Vidiian weapon, its pretty good model wise, and the primary fire is also canon. The secondary fire and sounds however are not. Like the readme states, get into touch with him if you know what it sounds like, that way he can fix it. :)

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Author: PiperTheGreat
Mod Name: Vidiian Harvester
File: VidiianHarvester.pk3
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Description: The Vidiian Harvester weapon used by Vidiians in the Voyager episode, "".
Programs used: Pant Shop Pro 9, Notepad, Cool Edit 2000, Milkshape 3D 1.7c

This is my version of Course Oblivion's Vidiian Harvester weapon that was first featured in their "Delta Quadrant Weapons Mod". The model used here was created by me, although I did use some of the original sound and graphics for it. I made this mainly because I wanted to see if I could make a good weapons model and map the textures onto it well. I didn't quite like the original, and i wanted to make a better, more accurate version. I will say though, i'm not dissin' Course Oblivion, those guys produce cool stuff, e.g. NX-01 mod. As for the sound I don't know what the weapon actually sounded like so I suppose these sounds are good enough. If anyone knows what it sounds like and knows if there's somewhere I can download the sound the please tell me.

To make it work, all you need to do is unzip to your BaseEF folder, and play straight away.

Course Oblivion team, for some of the source material for the weapon, great stuff guys, may you continue to create great stuff
Raven for making a great game, i love it!
Other Stuff:
Please E-mail me to find out what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

If you will, please don't use my weapons or parts of them in a mod without asking me first. I don't want my work to be plagiarised. When I used some of the materials from the Course Oblivion team, I asked them.

There are no known bugs here, but if there are, tell me.

If My mod wrecks your computer and/or Elite Force, then I will not be held responsible. If it worked on my PC, then it should work on yours, and it would be you fault anyway if you didn't have proper virus protection. If you use it in the proper manner then you will achieve the proper results.

Thanks for checking them out!  ;)


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