Villa Complex

One of the most famous deathmatch maps back from 2001. This takes place within a villa complex in mediterranean style and some rather unique...


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One of the most famous deathmatch maps back from 2001. This takes place within a villa complex in mediterranean style and some rather unique locations. The map itself was originally created for Quake 3 but then converted and enhanced for Elite Force. Get it now if you haven't already. :)

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"Villa Complex" Full Version README

      M    M  U    U   SSSS  TTTTTTT
      MM  MM  U    U  S         T
      M    M  U    U       S    T            IF YOU HAVE ONE!! 
      M    M   UUUU   SSSSS     T					



[email protected]

20th May 2001

Map Name:
&quot;Villa Complex&quot;

Map supports 
FFA/TDM (and modes included in the add-on)


Description: Full Version (does not require add-on to be installed for use)

Some locations in the map are based loosely on the cs_italy map, created for Counter Strike by Glen Cooper.(with permission)

I have added much that was not in the original map and modified what was.
It's a FFA/TDM map, My first true non CTF map.

I have created new sounds,textures and shaders for this map.
There is a secret room located somewhere in the map,it is also possible to ring the
clocktower's bell,but only when stood in one location in the map.See if you can find it.hehe
Many of the static(non opening) doors are in fact transporters and there many other 
transporters scattered throughout the map,ie the fountain/pool.
So it will pay you to explore every nook and cranny.=)

All the powerups are in there including the holodecoy,my fave!

Enjoy  ;)

Extract the pk3 file to your \baseEF folder.
Select from the in-game menu.

Bot support
Yes,available in all game modes except CTF map.

***********CONSTRUCTION DATA************
EFRadient:Map editor
Q3MAP.exe:bsp compiler
BSP-GUI:Bot support creation (.aas)
Pakscape/Winzip:For Pk3 creation
Notepad:arena/readme file creation
Adobe Photoshop 5.5/Wally (the best prog for seamless textures):Custom textures and screenshots manipulation
Creation Time:Since begining of April, on and off.
Known Bugs:None,but please let me know if you do find anything.         

Compiler Computer:
AMD K6/2 500Mhz
128Mb RAM
Nvidia TnT2 Pro 32Mb
HD 12.6Gb  7Gb Free
SB Live player 1024

Compile data:                                     

bsp write=60 secs

Active portals=3480
-vis-    =79 secs

Extra Detail
31 light emitting surfaces 
0..> 10 =27 secs
0..> 10 =1171

1244 secs elapsed.

1423   Brushes
1539   Entities
0     Leaks


Credits/Thanks:Me,Raven for EF,ID for engine,Foyleman,Likka at Surface Tension,
Mr Chapel(Chief Beta Tester),Paul Cross(beta tester),all the moderators and members at the Raven boards for help and suport and anyone I missed. ;) 
Raven Boards:

Stukatto (ME)
Building walls,windows,doors,trims,wooden trims,clocks,rotating ceiling fan,cobbled floor,
roof tiles,sky shader,modified autosprite shader for trees and others.

Foyleman( and I2K2 &quot;Surface Tension&quot;(
Sky box textures,Flagstone,zigzag brick floor,cobbled wall,grass,fountain concrete,
street lamp texture,crates,storm drain covers,wallpapers,sewer and others.

Trees,original tree's shader.If you recognise them, let me know and I will update the readme.

Stukatto's Map Page:(email me: [email protected])
For news,views,previews,maps,tutorials and files related to mapping for EF.

&quot;Villa complex&quot; and custom textures ©2001 Melvin &quot;Stukatto&quot; Miller. All rights Reserved.
&quot;Star Trek&quot;,&quot;Voyager&quot; ©2001 Paramount Pics Inc.
&quot;Elite Force&quot; ©2000 Activision Inc.  All rights reserved.


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