Though this skin is named after the creator, it isn't one of those "personal skins" where "developers" stick a photograph of their face on m...


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Though this skin is named after the creator, it isn't one of those "personal skins" where "developers" stick a photograph of their face on models. Instead, this skin combines the work of Laz Rojas and the RPG-X mod's work to make this RPG skin. What it basically consists of is Laz's Capt. Sisko head wearing sunglasses (or in the "hurt" version of the model, his glasses are cracked and his mouth is bleeding), coupled with the FC uniform being developed by the RPG-X mod group. To separate team colours, there are these small bands of flat colour on the wrist and in the 'under shirt' of the uniform (which of course means, not very visible signs of team colour). As with all personal skins, this one has is advertising XURP (an RPG group) in bright yellow letters on the shoulders.

The skin is okay really. The majority of the work really can be credited to Laz and RPG-X. It does have completely new taunts recorded by Vincent, as well (ones that are applicable in an RPG).

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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-----> The VINCENTFC skin by Vincent(lammeren) <-----

This skin is ment for RPing although it can be used to for regular EF mods.
And although this skin is called vincentfc and designed by Vincent everyone
can use this skin freely!
The Vincentfc skin has 4 classes:
The hurt class is a new one when the model is damaged, hurt.
This skin also has bot support and its own taunts (by me).

Time of work: 3/4 days, and it was worth it. By the way,
the taunts are spoken by me!

I would like to give my special thanks to: Laz Rojas for letting him
use the head of his wonderfull siskofc skin
The RPG-X team for letting them use their FC uniform (although I modified it).
And of course:
Raven for making the great EF game and giving me their .mdr and .md3 models
for the body ;-).

You may not alter, edit or use any of the files inside the PK3 file called
I am also not resposible for any damage this file may cause to you,
so I recommend a virus check before opening this file because you never now.
If you want to use any files you need my, Laz's or RPG-X's permission!

Laz Rojas:

Thank you for downloading this skin and I hope you enjoy it.
Greetings, Vincent(lammeren)

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