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First off I'd like to apologize to everyone. I was so excited that it was working that I didn't perform a thorough enough test. That was a h...


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First off I'd like to apologize to everyone. I was so excited that it was working that I didn't perform a thorough enough test. That was a huge oversight on my part.

Anyways, I fixed the spawn points so that the turbolifts go to the turbolift and the transporter only goes to the same old spot. If it doesn't work for you, try starting a new Virtual Voyager game. If that doesn't work then your copy of EF is corrupt and you have to reinstall.

Time to clear up some misconceptions. This mod doesn't include any new decks. It just adds the buttons for them to make the turbolift menu look more complete, and it lets you go to Deck 15 via the turbolift in addition to the transporter.

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Virtual Voyager Turbolift MOD v2.1
By Scooter <[email protected]>

This is my first attempt at modding. It makes all the decks visible in the turbolift menu,
but if you select deck 6, 7, 12, 13, or 14 it won't do anything when you click "Engage".

This deck listing is not 100% canon. I researched it thoroughly, but Raven made several mistakes
right from the start. The whole point of this mod was to see if I could do it. It's not
intended to be super fantastic. I'm releasing it in case anybody out there wants to use it.

Now that Deck 15 is linked to the turbolift system, this opens the way for a lot more modding.
I was holding back because I wanted to ensure my future mods were compatible with this one.
The problem was I was testing on a corrupt copy of EF. If this mod doesn't work for you, your copy
is corrupt too.

Put turbolift.pk3 in your baseef folder, just like every other MOD and map.
You'll probably have to start a new Virtual Voyager game otherwise it might not work properly.

Don't ask me how to install this. The instructions are three lines above this one.
I'm tired of answering email from stupid people who can't follow instructions.
It won't show up in the mods menu because it works automatically.

What's New?
(v2.1) Fixed spawn points.
(v2.0) Linked Deck 15 into the turbolift system.
(v1.4) Added all the buttons to the German menu. My apologies to all the Germans out there.
(v1.3) Did the same for decks 13, 14, and 15 as I did for deck 6, 7, and 12.
(v1.2) Did the same for deck 12 as I did for 6 and 7 in v1.1
(v1.1) I added two MP3 files for decks 6 and 7 so instead of saying "security access required" it says "deck 6" and "deck 7".

Turbolift menu limit is 16 decks. Though that can be changed now that the source code has been released.

Known Bugs:
Going to deck 15 via the turbolift doesn't fulfil the "Visit Deck 15" objective.
I'm not sure why because I did link the objective check to the spawn point.
You'll just have to use the transporter. :-(

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