Volcanic Station



This map has a terrible frame rate, its really slow, but the mapper wasn't interested in that when he made it, only the idea. Which is pretty interesting. It's a CTF map over a pool of lava in a volcano, you get around through a series of rooms, platforms and transporters. It has low gravity which is always fun. Another good thing is it has bot support, good news for you 56kers ;) All in all, a good idea but its really too slow.



Volcanic Station

This is my third publicly released map.  Due to the size of this map I will most likely not make any updates although feedback is always appreciated.

Simply place the volcanicstation.pk3 file in your BaseEF folder.

File Info:
This map was mainly designed for use in (low gravity) CTF but may also be used for FFA.  The recommended number of players on this map is up to 16 (e.g.8v8) although due to the size, more could easily play.

Before anyone asks, no, there is no "secret room."  Honestly.  This map is large enough to explore and there is plenty of "stuff" out in the open.

Also note that due to feedback on the last two maps, I have included bot support for this map.  It should be noted that before I added the bot support, this map was only just over 1.1 megs.  With the addition of the bot support it is now well over 6 megs.  I hope it is worth it for those that wanted it.

It should also be noted that this map does have a very low frame rate.  Prior to adding the bot support, testing the map resulted in an average of 40FPS (AMD 1.4/768MB/GeForce3Ti200).  With the addition of the bot support, playing the map with a total of 5 bots (for teams of 3v3) the framerate dropped dramatically down to an average of 18FPS.  You may encounter performance issues on older systems and/or older video cards.

There were also a few spots found in the volcano surface where a player could "slip through."  I believe I identified and corrected those areas but there may be more that I was unable to find.

Obviously there are a few issues with this map.  I mainly wanted to get the idea out there.  If anyone would like to further develop or fine tune this map, please feel free to contact me.

If you find any major problems (consistantly getting hung up on an object, graphical wiggage, etc.) please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].  


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