Voyager: Elite Force HD - Beta 1

Voyager HD Beta 1.zip


This mod aims to bring 1080p HD graphics and textures to Elite Force. This is the first beta version, and only covers the main Voyager corridors, turbolifts, and some other rooms such as Astrometrics. It also improves the standard uniforms, but not the Hazard ones yet. Further versions will be coming soon.



Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force HD Beta 1
By FileTrekker


This mod aims to replace all the textures within the Elite Force game with HD versions suitable for playing on modern, higher resolutions. This is the first public beta and mainly covers only the Voyager corridors, turbolifts, some areas of the bridge and astrometrics. This is compatible with Virtual Voyager / Expansion Pack content.

How to install
Simply extract the zip file and place the pk3 in your BaseEF folder.

There is a possibility of some errors, these textures are bigger than the Q3A engine was designed to handle but it will run fine on pretty much any PC. You may need to run the following console command from the console;

+set com_hunkmegs 1024

This should solve any issues.

This file is exclusive to GameFront. Please do not redistribute or reupload this file on any other website, platform or service without my prior permission.

Contact: [email protected]


6 years ago

Looking good :)