A map based on a shopping center in Dundee, Scotland.

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A map based on a shopping center in Dundee, Scotland.

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Download 'wellgate1.2.zip' (2.18MB)

WellGate Version 1.2 by Mikey Carr (AKA Ensign Kim)

The Elite Force Controls consist of:
Forward using the arrow buttons
And Jump using X and Crouch using C
To shoot you use CTRL or ALT
*These don't work if you changed the conifguation

Wellgate 1.2
1-The Story
3-Online Play
5-File Info
1- The Story

The Wellgate is a shopping center in Dundee, Scotland. It has multiple shops and is a nice hangout place. I have brought it into the 24th Centuary and kept it layout. It is big and has a public library (could be installed next version). But the main point is to play this and have fun.

To Intall this Map. You take the PK3 file out of the ZIP file. There you place the file in BASEEF. Now you open up Holomatch and press the key left to 1,

¬`¦      in Uk
~        in USA

Then you type (Without Quotes) "map well1.2",  this will load the map.
To add NPC or Enemys, Press ESC, then click ADD HC, then select the character you would wish to join.

Shop in the Wellgate aren't all here, only some are. But I have added shops that aren't in the wellgate. It is just to add the experience to playing.

3-Online Play
This map does support online play and there will be servers with this map up. Please join in and you may learn more of the map from others or even from me! Please enjoy.

There are plent of areas to vist, you can shoot some doors down as well, and in Virgin a secret awaits you down in the dark, down in an old car park! Try and open the door which is mysteriously hidden, try pressing SPACE bar to open it, but you must try it everywhere.

5-File Info
This file is made by me, Mikey Carr or AKA Ensign Kim. It was made in EFRAD.
Compiling took

Textures used in this are only for this Map. But if you want to use them please email me,

Thanks to Simmo for support
Thanks to Raven for Elite Force, and Paramount for Voyager
Thanks to Ritual for making a EF2. 
Vist these sites,
Next Version, will have more shops, old textures renewed. More GameCube games included. And possibly out side!
Released on: 24 November
Version 1.1:

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