Winnowing Hall

Winnowing Hall is a conversion of sorts from Raven's Hexen game. It has a very ancient type of feel to it, with runes on the walls and the...


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Winnowing Hall is a conversion of sorts from Raven's Hexen game. It has a very ancient type of feel to it, with runes on the walls and the architecture. While you'll find a lot of weapons and ammo, I thought they were well placed so that the powerful ones aren't so easily accessible, and their respective ammos are not thrown in big masses around the map. The map utilises a number of breakable objects and glass windows which will give you access to different places, or harbour a pickup.

This was a fun FFA map, it has good open areas yet enough structures to provide cover and divide the map.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: Yes

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Download '' (2.77MB)


Simply unzip this file and place winnowing_hall.pk3 into the BaseEF folder of your Elite Force Installation.

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF


Map Name:  winnowing_hall
Map Title:  Winnowing Hall
Author:  Galen
Created with:  EF Radiant & GTK Radiant
Creation time:  About 6 weeks (lots of problems, lol)
Bot support:  Yes
Play modes:  Single, Free for All (deathmatch), Team Holomatch, and Tournament.


You may distribute this map by any means and to anyone provided that:  1) You do not alter the contents of winnowing_hall.pk3 or any file therein; 2) You do not charge money for this map, except in cases where winnowing_hall.pk3 (or any file therein) is placed on a CD and a fee is charged to cover the costs of the CD media.

You may not decompile or otherwise alter this map without my express written permission.  

All textures in the "3hall" folder of the pk3 are created by me.  They may be used in other maps in any way the mapper wishes.  No need to ask my persmission to use my textures, just drop me an e-mail and let me know you're using them in your map, so I can check 'em out!


All of the MD3 models used in this map can be found at  The models are all the property of their original creators.

The texture in the folder "3Dstudio_stone" come from the 3D Studio's free texture site at:


Installing this map will fix the missing texture in the secret area of my previous map, station_g.


Thanks to my fellow snipers at Snipers Inc. for helping to beta test this map and make it great!  Visit or come to the server at

Thanks to Raven Sofware for creating the original "Winnowing Hall" for Hexen.

Thanks to fellow EF mapper, UniKorn, for showing me how to use Hint brushes (it really came in handy for this map).

A very big thank you goes out to all the guys at the Raven Software forums for their ongoing help with all my problems and questions.

Well, I thought Station G would be my last map for EF, but apparently not, lol!  This map, Winnowing Hall, is a remake of the very first level in Hexen (also entitled Winnowing Hall).  Since it would be illegal to use textures from Hexen, this map is of course NOT an exact copy.  Also, some of the effects from Hexen are not available in EF.  And, to keep on the right side of the law, the geometry of this map is NOT perfectly accurate compared to the original Hexen map and several changes have been made on artistic whim.  Oh, and as always, every map I release has a secret area.  This one isn't very hard to find at all :)

Any questions, comments, problems, or whatever, feel free to e-mail me:

Happy Fragging!

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