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Lt. Cmdr. Salinga has paid us a visit,and he has not come empty handed...He has, for your gaming enjoyment, another of his conversion maps!...


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Lt. Cmdr. Salinga has paid us a visit,and he has not come empty handed...He has, for your gaming enjoyment, another of his conversion maps! This one, originally released by Mike "Myth" Denby, for a Turtle Map contest, oozes with FFa goodness. This is a great way for you and your cyber-pals to spend some frag-tastic quality time, while trying to stay alive and doing unto the other team what they are trying to do unto you!

This is definately worth the no-waiting in line, free download, so be sure to get your own copy now! Enjoy.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'mctm01myth.zip' (3.69MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission from the author.

Gametypes ......: FFA, TDM, Solomatch
Date of release : 15.04.2007
Installation ...: Copy the pk3 file into the baseef folder of Elite Force.

For more Q3A map conversions visit: http://www.salinga-maps.de.vu

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:


Date: 11/February/2007

Text File to Accompany Wish You Were Here

unzip the pk3 into your "baseq3" directory of Quake 3.


title:		 Wish You Were Here
file:		 mc-tm01-myth.pk3
author:		 Mike "Myth" Denby
email address:	 zaphox@hotmail.com
URL:		 http://www.zaphox.net
description:	 A tourney/ffa map made for the "turtle speed" 
		 Map challenge at www.map-center.com



		Evil: For inspiring me to make more textures
		Amphetamine: Technical help with particle Studio
		The GTK Radiant team
		ydnar - Q3map2
		Hr.O - Q3map2Toolz
		Equim - Mapacker
		All the good folk at Map-Center
		And of course, ID Software :-)



This map has been made for Map-Center's first Turtle Map contest.
I've taken part in other previous Turtle Map contests from the old
SpeedMapping Guild so I knew what I was letting my self in for.  And
that would be many late nights (as I write this, my map is on it's
final compile and it's 07:10!).

During the event I've learnt a few new tricks in Radiant, how to use 
Particle Studio, which is an absolutely fantastic little application,
and have extended my texture and script making knowledge.

As I'm sure all contestants felt, with more time I would have liked to
do a lot more with the map.  Mostly a stronger texture set, and more detail
in the geometry.  It looks a bit like a geo-comp map in places.  I might 
carry on working on the map as I'm quite pleased with the layout.


play information

tourney:	 yes
deathmatch:	 yes
team dm		 yes
CTF:		 no
bots:		 yes
new sounds:	 no
new graphics:	 yes
new music:	 no
new models:	 no



base:		 Scratch
editor:		 GTKRadiant 1.4.0
brush count:	 1600 (total brushes)
bugs:		 Sparklies (ran out of time to fix!)
build time:	 1 week



Machine used:	 Athlon 64Bit 3.2, 2GB of RAM.
Time taken:	 About an hour
Switches:	 BSP -meta
		 Light -extra -filter -gamma 1.2 -patchshadow -samples 2
		 BSPC -forcesidesvisible -optimize


Distribution / Copyright / Permissions 

Copyright (c) 2007 Mike "Myth" Denby (zaphox@hotmail.com)
All rights reserved.

Quake, and Quake III Arena are registered trademarks of ID Software.

This level may be electronically distributed only at 
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST 
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN 


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