This is a way cool map of the lower deck of TOS Enterprise NCC-1701. It has a swimming pool, dance area, exercise area and even a bowling al...


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This is a way cool map of the lower deck of TOS Enterprise NCC-1701. It has a swimming pool, dance area, exercise area and even a bowling alley! :D hehe. This is a really good map and it fits in TOS era perfectly!

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Download 'wreckdeck.zip' (4.5MB)

by MajorTork 0203.08

A Holomatch level for the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force game
Play modes: Solo match, FFA, CTF and Team DM - bot support included

Based on the Star Trek Blueprints by Franz Joseph Designs, printed 1974
UFP seal and banner from the StarFleet Technical Manual, also printer 1974
Additional TOS models, textures, sounds and 'canon' provided by Toonloon
SpaceBabe artwork by Benny Hoff

Just place the "wreckdeck.pk3" file into your BaseEF directory.
Start EF and select the map from the SOLO MATCH option, or CREATE your own.

(All had great ideas and advise. Thanks guys.)

Computer: Compaq Presario 5000
Processor: Celeron 566mhz
Memory: 128megs
Editor: EFRadiant GDK 2 (v.2)
AAS Program: BSPC-GUI (v1.7)
Paint Program: Paint Shop Pro 4.14SE
Construction Time: 8 weeks
Compile Time (FullVis+AAS): 45 minutes

None really. The bots tend to avoid using most turbolifts, but only because they already have access to the majority of the map without them. Also, the new TOS chairs have a texture problem which, when certain pk3s are in the BaseEF folder, causes the chair textures to be misaligned. This seems to only occure when Z-paks are in the directory, so if the chairs don't look right to you, try moving any Z-pak files to a different folder and everything should look fine. Either way, the game should still play smoothly so have fun.

Editing Programs - www.effiles.com/category.php3?category=Maps
TOS Fonts - virtualgraphicsworld.freeservers.com/index.htm
TOS Ship Images - members.aol.com/IDICPage/main.html\
Mapping Tutorial - www.kevinuk.co.uk
Additional Tutorials - www22.brinkster.com/ravenmapping/tutorials.asp
Help, Advise and Support - www2.ravensoft.com

During the production of the original Star Trek series, the producers created a 'bible' of all the show's characters, ships and technology. By the end of Trek's second year, all aspects of Enterprise and her crew had been worked out in great detail. Stephen E. Whitfield and Gene Roddenberry printed this information in the novel "The Making of Star Trek" in 1968. Five years later, Franz Joseph Designs took that information and created the first official Star Trek Blueprints, detailing every room and corridor aboard Starfleet's finest vessel, which Gene Roddenberry himself approved. I first got my hands on the Blueprints in 1974 when I went to my first (and only) Star Trek Convention. Every since then I've wanted to be able to run around Kirk's ship, and explore all the interesting locations the designers had included. And now, thanks to Ravensoft and their wonderful game of EF, that dream has become a virtual reality.

This map depicts Decks 19, 20 and 21, located in the lower half of the Secondary Hull. I choose this area of the ship for 2 big reasons. First, there are no curved corridors in the secondary hull. Since EFRadiant has limitations on rotating complex brushes, this meant I could make a fairly accurate version of the ship. I also wanted to show the pool and bowling alley areas. The pool is at the front of the lower hull, just behind the main deflector dish. The bowling alley (meantioned in the episode "The Naked Time") lies directly below the shuttlecraft maintance shops. In fact, the support column in the spectator seating area is actually the shaft for the lift that rotates the shuttlecrafts and lowers them into the repair bay. The crewquarters are 1 deck above the main recreational area and pool, on the same levels as the hangerbay deck. Due to framerate problems, I could not connect the rec areas directly to the stateroom level, so turbolifts are required for access back and forth. 

Finding the proper scale for the entire map was difficult. There were many discrepancies between the original series, the Blueprints, the size of the EF player models, and the players actual "eye-level" itself. I finally decided to base the size of the level on Raven's singleplayer Scavenger maps. This scale is slightly smaller than the original sets used for filming TOS, but larger than the scale used for the Blueprints. I also took some creative liberties on areas that lacked detail on the Blueprints. The large, empty area in the rec room was turned into a dance floor. The gymnasium also showed no features inside the room, so I based all that off of the TOS episode "Charlie-X". The crewquarters were decorated with various models from the Voyager Tour-mode, which came on the expansion pack. Players without the XP will still be able to see the models, but they will only be shaded correctly for those who own the pack. 

Lots of interesting details have been thrown into this map. You can hear the deflector dish in the pool area, as well as the warp engines in the bowling alley. Using stereo, you can hear exactly where the engine support pylons connect to the hull. Grey "false" doors are present all through the level, representing where other locations are, but unfortunately I cannot build the ENTIRE ship, so the grey doors are non-functioning. The crewquarters are the last set of staterooms on the vessel. The levels below the rec areas contain the cargobays, manufacturing facilities and other basic ship operations. There are 3 "bonus" items in this map, which only the players can grab, and 1 secret room (thanks 6of1). I think everyone will enjoy playing this map, and hope it inspires others to make more TOS-based levels.

Fight well, and may all your frags be Honorable!

Thanks to Ravensoft for make such a fun and versatile game. They made FPS for TOS possible.

Special thanks to Toonloon for helping me make this map come together. He provided authentic TOS sounds and music, as well as great textures and display images for the project. His TOS models are the best. The new chairs, sports equipment, dinnerset, PADDs and gameboard really help the map look right. He also provide wonderful research material and played a big part in making the corridors and turbolifts look as TOS as possible. Thanks again Toon!

I'd also like to thank the many talented and helpful programmers at the Ravensoft's Mod Community. Their insights and tips for using EFRadiant saved my map many-a-time. 

Most of all I want to thank my wonderful and understanding wife, GigiByteMe. She sacrificed many hours of EF game time just so I could work on this thing. She's the greatest!

Visit my website to contact me or to see what else I've created - ballstrong.homestead.com

Download Synchromesh's "Enterprise2" and Kodos' "USSEnt". Both are excellent maps of Enterprise, and are fun to play! - www.effiles.com/category.php3?category=Maps

For even more authentic TOS gaming experiences, download Toonloon's TOS bots and the very kool "TOS Weapons Mod". Also, watch for the highly anticipated "Amok Time" Mod. All this stuff and more are available at the SpaceStaionK7 website - www.k7efdepot.headpress.net/


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