A little Christmas treat now for you EF1 holomatch gamers! :p

Noctem Productions brings us the XMAS Mod, a brilliant and no...


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A little Christmas treat now for you EF1 holomatch gamers! :p

Noctem Productions brings us the XMAS Mod, a brilliant and novel modification just in time for December the 25th. This small mod changes and adds on a few things to normal MP, all with a Christmas theme! :D First up, there are two new CTF maps, both set in hill top fields covered with snow! Although the fields are square, and have little cover, the mounds and trees provide a decent enough challenge to get to the enemy flag. The two maps are the same, except one is at night and the other during daytime. Also, there are new weapon models, including ones replacing the Compression Phaser with an Ice Rifle, and the Compound Grenade Launcher with a snowball gun that fires snowballs as grenades! Until you get really close to a player, their weapon will be hidden inside a festive box, so you never know what they are holding until its too late! :eek: Perhaps most impressive of additions are the new player models including a snowman, Santa, the grinch, and others, all with bot support and team colours! Even the menus have got a little whiter, with snowflakes falling tumbling down the screen as you set up your match. It does NOT get much better than this.

Obviously, a huge amount of work has gone into creating this and the modders should be very proud of themselves. :beer:

This is one mod you cannot miss out on. Download now!

(See the readme for installation instructions, its very slightly different from usual)

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download 'xmasmod.zip' (10.41MB)


==XMAS Mod==

A Modification for
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Version 1.0
Release Date: 24.12.2007
Created by Noctem Productions

About the Modification

The XMas Mod is a small Multiplayermodification 
with some new features and functions!



- New Playermodels, full Team Colour and Bot Support

- Two New Maps with some Christmasflair

- New Weapons

- Extended Userinterface

- New Textures

- New Models

- New Serverfunctions

- New Gametypes

- and many more


Copy the "XMasMod" Folder and the "XMasMod.bat" in your
Elite Force Mainfolder.
(Default c:/Program Files/Raven/Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/)

DO NOT copy it in the baseEF folder because it will not work!

To start the Mod doubleclick on "XMasMod.bat",
or choose the Mod manually in the Elite Force 


New Servervariables

Standard: 40
possible Values: up 1 all numbers possible
Sets the radius of the Snowballmines.

Standartwert: 10
possible Values: up 1 all numbers possible
maximum leyable mines per player.

Standardvalue: 0
possible Values: 1 for ON, 0 for OFF
Evrey Player has only one Gun, the Snowballgun and Infinitive Ammo.
All other Weapons are deactivated.

More Informations

Programms used:
- Animation Shop
- Biturn
- Bloodshed Dev-C++
- GTKRadiant 1.4.0
- GTKRadiant 1.5.0
- LOOXIS Faceworks
- Microsoft Visual C++
- Milkshape 3D
- Misfit Modeller 3D
- Paint Shop Pro
- paint.NET
- Photoshop
- Texteditor
- WinRAR


Noctem Productions:
* commodus (commodus@operamail.com)
* Borggamer (borggamer@eliteforceworld.de.vu)
* Hindukusch (hindukusch.x@web.de)


Idea - Borggamer
Lead Design - Borggamer, commodus
Coding/Scripting - Hindukusch, Borggamer
Mapping - Borggamer
Modelling/Skinning - commmodus

A big THANKS goes to...
...Pille, our Homepagehoster and good Friend!
...Sorbet, we wish you the Best!
...Raven Software, for creating Elite Force!

*** If you have some skills and want to join us,
take a look on our hp to see wich position are open! ***

Version 2 coming soon...

Legal Disclaimer

Quake 3 and related marks are trademarks of id Software
Star Trek: Voyager and related marks are trademarks of
Paramount Pictures © and TM 2007Activision,
Inc. All rights reserved

The x-MAS m.o.d. is © 2007 NOCTEM productions
You are not allowed to use materials from this mod
in your work in part or whole, or to give it out as yours
If you want use any materials used in this mod
please contact us via the Homepage.

Merry Christmas and have fun with the Mod,
the Noctem Productions Team

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