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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force going offline!

Apparently it will be going down on Dec. 31, 2005. Nice warning huh? Several threads about it on the official boards also:;act=ST;f=7;t=33234797 Apparently this is real. :(


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Uss Nova NCC 73515 will be finished

As some of you may already know, crackpatch and me started a long time ago a map called USS nova, a nova class starship. We continued mapping it for AQRP but now it will be a public released map. I also heard some guy named Phil from ERP also started the same ship for EF2. We make the EF1 version. Here are some screenshots of the progress:


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Elite Force 2 Team FIRED !!!!!

Only two days after it was announced that Star Trek Elite Force II had gone gold, GameSpy has found out that the majority of the Elite Force II team was laid off at Ritual. Sources alerted GameSpy to the layoffs and Tom Mustaine, vice president and director of development at Ritual, confirmed it: "As most people know, Ritual Entertainment recently finish...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force EF2 has reached Beta

Over at Ritualistic, badman posted news that EF2 went Beta last week! Definitely good (and exciting) news :D Click Here for news post at


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Small update on the EF2 Demo

PingEnvy posted at the Ritualistic forums that: There will be an EF2 demo (for those who didn't know yet ;)) The demo will not be released around E3, and in fact, is not even being worked on at the moment. The demo should be released sometime around the game's release (June 2003)


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Unofficialy announced, Jedi Knight III

Jedi Knight 3 has been officially annonced today. It's done by RavenSoft. (What a surprise) If you check the EF2 review I did a few week ago... It seams I was right. :) They announce 60% of it is done. Ritual has been chosen to make the sequel (EF2), and not RavenSoft, which did Soldier of Fortun...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force 3 New EF2 Screenshots

Out of the three, one is the traditional exomorph screenshot ;), the other two, however, have much to show! One shows an exomorph (probably one of the highly evolved ones) plus the sleek new gooey :p and the other is very, very interesting. It shows what looks like some space battle with some cool effects! Definitely worth checking out! Screenshots can be...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force EF2 Box Art Officialy Unveiled

Even though we've seen the box art on Best Buy, Amazon, EB Games, etc. Activision has just made it 'official' :


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Star Trek: Nemesis deleted scenes announced

For those of you who can't wait for the release of the tenth Star Trek adventure, has revealed the seven deleted scenes from the movie that will appear on the DVD. Since it is a fairly long aricle, I won't quote the whole thing. You can find the full story here. Don't forget to check out the alternate ending! The tenth Star Trek movie wo...