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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Gorn Invasion Force released

They are one of Star Trek most beloved aliens. We only saw this species in one episode but they made a lasting impression. And although they looked cheesy, The Gorn is a favorite among many Trekkers. SpaceStation K7 is proud to announce the release of The Gorn Invasion Force for use with Elite Force 1. This six skin pak features sounds and chat lines from...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force TOS Aliens 2 skin pak released by SpaceStation K7

Ever want to take on Apollo or Ruk in a Holomatch game or want to train with Shahna or match your skills against Nomad? Well here's your chance. SpaceStation K7 has released the TOSAliens2 pak. Featured in this 8 skin pak are Apollo, Ruk, Shahna, Nomad and 4 others familar characters from TOS. Download the pak here: http://spacestationk7.eliteforce...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Laz is Back!

If you've been involved in the Elite Force community over the past couple of years, you may remember Elite Farce. It was the home of Laz Rojas' comic strips and holomatch bots. A few months ago, Laz quit skinning and his site disappeared. Laz is back, and better than ever! Thanks to the EF MDR plug-in for Milkshape, Laz has improved all of his bots, and e...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force New skin reviewer...

Hi! For those who don't know me, I'm U.S.S. Speed, the new skin reviewer. If you have made some skins or models, just post them to me at I will be happy to add it to the files section.


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force No Pics For New Skins??

Well as i have been uploading loads of files i knew it would take time taking pics of all the skins, so i have released them now without the pics. But i will however take pics of the skins later today, then put them on the site! Ok. Thanks, EF-Filer EliteForceFiles Site Manager


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Padman Model And Skins

There was some confusion concerning the padman model and skins. In order to make the skins work you need to download the Padman Model then the Padman Trekkie Skins Enjoy


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Errors On Colonel Gribs pk3's Resolved

I have recieved a lot of email about people that get pak errors when trying to play online. The solution is to bring down the console in holomatch and type: /sv_pure 0 Sorry for any problems this may have caused. Biessman