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Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Clan Tools 2.0.3 Released

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce the official release of Clan Tools, version 2.0.3. The files for Clan Tools 2.0.3 are available from our server at Clan Tools is a package of programs designed to help online gamers in various tasks. They are completely free of charge, and may be re-distributed as complete package on...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force InfoApp - now available for Star Trek - Elite Force

Hi, If you own a website and want a FREE and EASY way to display your game server information? InfoApp is the easiest and most customizable server status tool you will find - and is now available for Star Trek - Elite Forces. It displays and interprets server configurations and shows them in an easy to read web page that can be customized to seemles...


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Ask Mike First Round Up

Over at, there first questions that all went to Mike Gummelt have been answered, and the topic being Scritpting. There are a bunch of questions from everyday people like you and me, so if you want to pop an e-mail to him about scritping then do so here Biessman


Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Elite Force Tools Released

Hey you modders! Good news, Tools for EF released today. Following tools included:~ ~EF Radiant(make your very own maps) ~Real Scritps (lets make someone jump off a cliff) ~MD3 View (program look at your models) ~ShaderED (make you maps look relistic as possible with this tool) Go to the file section to get the file. Enjoy