Emperor: Battle for Dune v1.09 Patch - English



This is the latest official patch for Emperor: Battle for Dune.



Emperor:  Battle for Dune Patch Information
Version 1.09
September 6, 2001

Dear Emperor:  Battle for Dune Player,

The latest patch for Emperor: Battle for Dune is primarily to add support for the BETA release of our Map Editor.  The BETA Map Editor is a developmental tool, and will be downloadable as an ‘AS-IS’ utility.  It does NOT have the polish of a retail-release, and can be difficult to learn.  However, this patch will allow you to use the maps created by the fans with this tool.

If you join a game that has selected a map, which you do not have on your local harddrive (i.e. you will need to download user-created maps separately), a warning message is displayed upon entering that game’s setup screen.
NOTE:  User-created maps are created completely independent from Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts Inc.  We have no controls over the content that a user puts into their maps.  Please be cautious and review any download from any site to verify its content and that you deem it acceptable.  Westwood Studios & Electronic Arts are not responsible for objectionable content.

Additionally, a few minor enhancements were made available in this release as well.

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy the new changes!
--Westwood & the Emperor: Battle for Dune Team.

Changes in V. 1.09

1)	Support for user-made maps.  They will appear in your map-selection dialogue box for Skirmish Games & Multiplayer Games.  Upon joining a lobby or after map selection changes, users that are missing that map, or have a different version will be given a warning, and will not receive the ‘Accept’ button.
2)	Westwood Online games that are full of players, but have not yet clicked ‘Accept’ and/or ‘Play’, will now appear in the Custom lobby in a gray color.

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