Star Wars: Empire at War

It is a time of galactic civil war. Take up the reins of the Rebellion or assume control of the Empire. Whichever you choose, it will be up to YOU to steer your side to ultimate victory. Command every...

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The End of Earth RPsidious96549 459KB 47
Urban Warfare revan898 1.52MB 31
It's a Trap! amatarasu 72KB 93
Bonadan Astriodstorm Sercendil 118KB 37
Naboo Forest SWJ345 45KB 32
Shadow Droid Warb_Null 126KB 53
Hoth Madness reti35 1.2MB 21
Republic Nu Shuttle Warb_Null 1.01MB 123
Filo's Laser Beams Graphic Mini-mod CaptainVerbic 961KB 121
Corporate Addon Mod wizardington 163.56MB 420
A Lack of Mercy IrationalFear 18KB 37
Land Wars wargtv 281KB 30
Uras Map reti35 521KB 28
The Path Of War V.1 FerralOne 2.7MB 49
Battle for the Eclipse amatarasu 75KB 83
Desert SD wargtv 293KB 46
Aurra Sing's Corvette and Fighter Warb_Null 1.39MB 89
Republic Corvettes Warb_Null 3.98MB 221
Enceladus' Full Galactic Conquest Tutorial Enceladus 7.39MB 147
The Hard Landing Theoldrepublicmaster101 634KB 45
Ultirmate War Beta modinghay 795KB 76
The Discovery RPsidious96549 1.28MB 61
Midnight Battle on Taris japaneseguy 74KB 60
Vengeance on Kothlis Series DarkTrooper9847 439KB 48
Desolate JohnnyB2 449KB 37
Gungan Sacred Grounds Saint_paul01 11KB 29
Stargate EaW Stargate Team 374.78MB 539
The Frozen Lake _237th_SC_Com_Bly 685KB 27
Death Star Hanger Mobius13 135KB 72
DAT editor (Text) Delta_____62 63KB 136
More AI!! Eons 2KB 113
Tatooine: Sacred Oasis Corusca_Fire 104KB 36
Ultirmate War V.1 Beta modinghay 1.18MB 63
The Frozen Lake _237th_SC_Com_Bly 307KB 23
Naboo: Supply Depot Corusca_Fire 75KB 98
Forest Chaos Sercendil 166KB 31
Battle of Kolene _237th_SC_Com_Bly 404KB 169
Stargate EaW Stargate Team 608.06MB 3538
Jeff's Texture Pack: Planets The_Farseer 16.84MB 306
Stinger and Guri Warb_Null 1.15MB 95
Felucian Caves _237th_SC_Com_Bly 565KB 62
Doomtreader and Montross Warb_Null 973KB 212
Eclipse Inside _237th_SC_Com_Bly 749KB 202
Slave Operation Rak_Qennto 363KB 108
Ultimate Weapoons mod IrationalFear 182KB 292
War5 wargtv 181KB 60
Jeff's Texture Pack The_Farseer 14.7MB 337
Bly's Realistic Space Changes (BRSC) _237th_SC_Com_Bly 40.53MB 273
Tatooine Bridge CanadianBorg 126KB 82
Cardia -The Old Republic !EAW!124 630KB 100