Ages Of Star Wars: Jedi Civil War - We are not Dead

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While the Ages of Star Wars team may not have any shiny pics or tasty eye candy for you, they would like to announce they're not dead. At least not at the moment. While most of the team members have quit working on Ages of Star Wars there are small amounts of progress being made behind the scenes. However if the mod does die of the team will certainly tell you. The lack of news is not the sign death. It merely means the team members are finishing oither projects off first.

Currently, they're working on the Thrawn's Revenge Imperial Civil War Releases, the future Thrawn's Revenge Fall of the Republic Release (Most of Ages of Star Wars developers are also Thrawn's Revenge developers) and the FX Graphical Enhancement Mod.

You can find Thrawns Revenge at a hotlink on the Ages of Star Wars forums, for a thread on FX which is also hosted on the Thrawn's Revenge forums please go to :,33.0.html

Don't lose hope. Just endure and have patience.

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