And Thus the Sun Rises Again!

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Published by Mr.Funsocks 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


First of all, I would like to thank Foshjedi2004 for his hard work as being a Site Manager. His legacy of excellence will continue!

I, Mr.Funsocks, will be the new Site Manager of EaW Files... For now.

The confusion of Frosh's leaving has left us with the question, "Who is going to take over?" The administration didn't want to add someone as Site Manager that won't be ready for it, so I'll be here until I see a staff member step up.

I was on the network in 2004 on CnC-Files as a news poster. I was off and on the network doing odd jobs until November 2006 where I stated back full time at CnC-Files. I soon became vice site manager there and a year later I became site manger of Starcraft II Files. In August 2008, I became a network admin for FileFront. I hope this new position will be a fun and enlightening one.

I'm here to serve you. If you ever need to contact me, shoot an e-mail over at paul[at]filefront[dot]com

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