And thus the sun sets on an age....

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Published by Foshjedi2004 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


... of me running EAWfiles.

After 2 and a bit years I have to leave you. Life has thrown me a curve ball with lots and lots of work for University.

9-5 days of Uni, on top of 2 hour Gym Sessions on top of socialising means i have just about enough time to sleep.

I must thank everyone who has helped along the way of this epoch, the likes of SSA, swcorpinox, valientofficer and AdmiralHocking who have been here over the years helping out. And a bit shout out goes to all those members who have helped solve issues when they have flared up or poked me if I missed out on a flame war.

In no way does this news however change the fact that there are several kick ass Mods still waiting for release.

Imperial Assault 2, Republic At War, Steiners Mod.. the list goes on and on and on and on...

To members of the site: EAW is an easy game to get into modding. So poke around with XMLs, try out new combinations of ships for each faction and if someone doesn't like it, take in their comments and the next mod you make can implement changes.

I've got memories of hundreds of events over the past few years to remember, the rise and the fall of various Mods, the changes and growth from obscurity to domination for a number of you.

I'll still be around now and again if people want advice, or just someone to submit news stories with star wars fluff.

Adios Amigos


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