Awakening of the Rebellion: January Update

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Hi Folks, The AOTR team apologizes about the lack of news.

They're sorry too about the Boosterpack which they announced for Christmas. They will include it in the next upcoming Patch.

But they have some good news for you. So they fixed many problems in the actual Version and some of their new members in the AOTR Modding Team worked hard on the bugs and the AI.

First, in the next version the Black Sun is playable. They re-balanced the units for it and changed some of the build restrictions. The AI is now very aggressive but well balanced in their fleets and ground units. It also builds all the buildings and utilizes the right heroes for the right actions. Of course it had many minor fixes which make the mod feel really great to play.

So have a look at the buglist! They will release at first a Open Beta patch to fix some more bugs and to balance the patch at about the middle of January. They think that after another two or three weeks they can release the final patch.


-Bombing Run Crash with the BS fixed -Xixor-Crash fixed -Buggy Landmaps reworked ( for example Tatooine, Allyen, Hapan, Bastion) -Naboo Event will trigger for the Rebs only -Groundfighters from the AI are no longer passive. -Veers production boost for AT´s works now - Problem fixed that on some planets you can build Barracks but can't have troops -Vigo Urai Fen now has his right text information. -Harmonic Bomb does less damage. -The Tantive IV now has working hardpoints -Lightsabers reflect blastershots correctly now. -The Ability to absorb blastershots now works correctly. -Battledroids and Super battledroids cannot heal on Bacta Tanks but can go into the Bunkers now. -Space mines and Custom stations now have their correct Autocombatvalues. -Problem fixed for the E-Webs from Stormtrooperunits which did not spawn correctly when the unit landed first on the planet. -Stormtrooper Level 5 units now have the correct Icon (not longer that from the Level 4 Units) -BS Saboteurs should not longer destroy several buildings at once.


-AI build now all buldings and all addons like Techupgrades for example. -AI can now attack the player faster and even more continuously. -AI now has a higher Groundunitlimit at planetary attacks. -Groundunit Compilations for the AI are improved. -AI removes corruption faster. -AI Groundattacker now builds more turrets and other facilities on demand. -AI now builds more AA Turrets when the player has Air Units. -AI doesn´t build Scouts in Spacecombat (Because it could not at FOW) -AI retreats sooner from futile situations. -More AI against AI Actions. -AI reconquers lost planets in the Core faster. -AI builds up Groundgarrisons on Borderplanets. -AI-Scripts updated, the AI now takes the right Heroes for various jobs. -AI uses Vigo Tyber and Boba Fett actively. -Starting positions for the AI in the Galactic Conquests improved.

Several Fixes

-All Landunits reworked -New Land maps for Hoth, Mygeeto,Ylesia -Kuat Land map now has one more buildingslot -Generic Smugglers and Bountyhunters reworked (Cost; Productiontime, Smugglingincome and-time) -Cost for the Corruptionremove unified -Spacestations now have a limited Spawn (twice the size of the first spawn remain as reinforcments) -Rebel Medics heal now automatically. -Spacestations from the BS reworked -Governeur Tarkin's Research Bonus works now for the Techcenters too. -Victory Stardestroyer now use their Tractorbeams automatically. -Rebel Spacestations now generate Income based on their Size. -Alliance HQ(Bases now generate less Income. -BS now generates Income with their Blackmarkets -Income from the Imperial Palace and Customstations reduced. -The NR now has a Government building (like the Imperial Governorspalace) -The NR can just build Miningfacilities on Miningplanets (like the Empire)

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