Battlestar Galactica at War: First Update

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Well here it is, the first update on the Battlestar Galactica at War's progress; this mainly contains some eye candy for the mod fans. These images include changes to the dashboard and general GUI interface. The team have decided to change the colour from the disgusting yellow colour to a nice bright red. This new GUI adds a great change to the game. They have also decided that the game required some changes to the GC, as well as better graphics for the main dashboard. They have updated the Galaxy Core Art Model; this new image contains detailed areas of space and was created by United Modding Studios. They have also added in their first three units with their new engine effects, these include the Viper MK2, Viper MK7 and Raptor MK1. Updates have also been made to the Splash Screens and general Sounds and Music areas. So here are the screenshots (screenshot section). Meanwhile, while production continues on the mod it is slowing to a certain point. The mod team members all have busy lifestyles and most of the models need some minor Hardpoint Bone changes before anything further is done to the coding of that model. Their main aim is to code every unit into the game and then add better visual effects and sounds so there will be an update the next time when Byron will have a lot of things to show you. If you want more information on the mod or want to help Battlestar Galactica at War mod contact Byron.

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