Bly's Realistic Space Changes (BRSC)

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Published by Codeuser 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hi people, I am starting my own mod BRSC ( Bly's Realistic Space Changes )

The mod will change the capacity of the fighters in the Imperial ships some Rebel ships will get hangars (with less fighters because the Rebels can build fighters themselves). You can select yourself when to deploy the fighters. Also the mod will change the garrison of the space stations and the Deathstar. Some hardpoints will be changed too. This is all gonna be in the 1st version.

The most work is coding what I ( Bly ) will do but for some things I need a modeler like : making the HP_(shipname)_HNGR.ala . If you are a coder that is interested please contact me at

To see what will be in V1.0 see it at FileFront forums in modding,mapping and editing / Bly's Realistic Space Changes (BRSC)

I already submitted a small preview V0.2 where I already gave the Imperial,Victory and Acclamator Class Destroyers other fighter capacities and the ability to deploy them.

I already have some modding experience but I never released those mods.


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