Clone Wars Battlefront: First Update

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hi everyone. For those of you that don’t know, the Clone Wars Battlefront team is hard at work to bring you a mod based on the Star Wars: Battlefront series, as well as the Clone Wars cartoon. Basically they’re adding the Confederacy and the Republic to the already-established factions. For their first official update, they’d like to show off some of their work. For the Republic, the first is the AV-7 anti-vehicle cannon, from the Clone Wars movie. They also have the AT-TE and AT-HE, the Republic’s feared walker units. Anakin Skywalker’s Azure Angel is also in-game. Also, as a hero, the commandos of Delta Squad are added. For the Separatists, they’ve completed several units as well. The first is the AAT, with a brand-new skin based off its appearance in the TV show. Also, as a new Confederacy hero, the skilled tactician Sev’rance Tann from the game Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns is added. They look forward to giving you more eye candy in the near future. [b]Model Credits:[/b] [b]Clone Commandos[/b] Neomarz1: Model/Skin Nomada_Firefox: for converting and animation [b]Clone Cannon [/b] Red Five: Model Nomada_FireFox: Converting and skin and animation [b]AT-HE[/b] Psyk0Sith: AT-TE model Neomarz1: AT-TE skin Nomada_FireFox: For editing the model to look like the AT-HE and editing the animation [b]AT-TE[/b] Psyk0Sith: AT-TE model Neomarz1: AT-TE skin and Qui-Rom for additional work on it Avenger85: AT-TE model [b]Sev'rance Tann[/b] Nomada_FireFox: Model and animation Tyrant19: Skin Petroglyph: Skin [b]Anakin's Fighter[/b] Neo_Knight/Zymotico: Skin and model [b]AAT[/b] Keeper of Faith: Model, Animations, Skin Tyrant19: Skin

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