Confederate Uprising: Back in Buisness

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Hello from the Confederate Uprising mod team.

As you've probably heard by now, the mod is by no means dead, and they're still plodding along. One major setback has been the time Daft_Vader had to spend away from modding, for reasons he'd rather not disclose. Due to this he's "lost the plot", so to say, with Confederate Uprising.

Don't worry, they're still going!

However, they need to redo a lot of things. The Confederate Uprising team will have to redo a substantial amount of the code, and several model rigs need to be updated, to be of a higher quality. What this means is the release is going to be pushed farther back. But, the remaining mod team is still working hard, and they will bring you the mod when it is done.


As you can probably gather from the long 'hiatus' with this mod, they've lost most of their staff members, and Psychoduck and Daft_Vader are the only two active staff left. This means that they are looking for help, and they are indiscriminate of skill level or skills, so if you wish to apply then private message Psychoduck or Daft_Vader, or alternately send an email to "".

Alpha Blue

Finally, the Confederate Uprising mod team would like to say a very big thank you to Alpha Blue, who have welcomed them into their alliance. This modding community is a great environment to learn new skills, expand old ones, and share work. It is a place that Daft_Vader would advise visiting for all budding modders.

The Confederate Uprising mod team hopes to have an actual mod update soon, But for now: Drive Safe

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