Covenant at War: Christmas Update

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Hi from the team making the Halo Total Conversion Halo: Covenant at War.

You may or may not have heard of Covenant at War before but they've been around for about a year now, and for that year they have been somewhat seperated from the EaW community, they thought they should show you some of what the Covenant at War team has accomplished. Included in this update is a look at some of their latest achievments, the Covenant Scarab, the Brute Chopper, the UNSC Warthog, the UNSC Elephant, the Covenant Assault Carrier, the UNSC S.M.A.C. Station plus a look at their galaxy map. The new render layouts were designed by Enceladus. If you have any ideas or suggestions for this mod please take a look at the Covenant at War forums:

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