EaW: FoC Spaceship Addon 4.0

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Okay I've a nice announcement for you guys.

The EaW Spaceship Addon has been revived and is being merged with my project Secret Weapons of the Empire.

You'll see of course all of the stuff that was in 3.1.1 plus some new units like Sovereign SSD and Demolisher Cruiser.

The mod will use the upgrade system for the Empire that I've already introduced for SWOTE.

Another change will be the conversion of the ZC to Commerce Guild. It'll have its own upgrade system as well. New units will be unlocked through the black market system. All corruption types except racketeering and black market will be disabled.

One of our aims is to add a bit economy to eaw. At the moment we're working on economy crashs when the player conquers a planet, so it has a lower income for a certain time, and a stock market system.

The story campaign is still in the works and will probably take longer than expected and will be released as expansion for the mod.

Here is a little preview of the new color of the commerce guild and the new corruption effect: (See screenshot area)

Our team consists of the following members at the moment:

Coders: SmallPox Nightfall D3Matt

Mappers: Re4Wesker Locutus

Modeling help: Frankie

We're still looking for more modelers and skinners at the moment.

We're working on the merge of the two mods now and make everything compatible. I hope to get some new screens up in the next few days. Stay tuned!


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