EAW Staff Update - Team Compiled & Complete w/ Notice

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Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, and all and any other species of gender out there. A quick note here to let all know that the EAWFiles Staff Positions have been filled. EAW Staff Page
So, for a little review, myself and Mr Greg run the site (we have access to everything) - Myself as the Site Admin, and Mr Greg 2nd in command incase of any absense by me (or simply if I'm not around). We've also got Red Menace helping out in the EAWForums. I'm not sure if anyone knows of him, but he is mainly forum based, so if you haven't seen him around on the FN sites, that is why. Additionally, to the team we have three more people, all posters:
  • Gamer 24 (who leads the Final Front MOD) - Has the job of File Posting, though may be upgraded to include News as well, this will be sorted at a later date.
  • Augrunt (who had past dealings with Strategy Informer, so knows his way around regarding MOD's etc) - Works with File & News Posting.
  • Foshjedi2004 (who co-leads Legacy of War) - Works with File & News Posting. All three posters also have access to comment moderating. So it isn't advised to give them ammunition :p
    That’s all for now, any further applicants aren't needed, though I'm not stopping you from applying ;)
    Anyhow, with this, and as the Easter Holidays are upon us, I am taking two weeks away. Mr Greg will be in charge, doing FoTW, PoTD and Polls. Please be kind to him ;) - And our new staff included. I'll see you all in two weeks or so, try and behave, and happy gaming. :)
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