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I’d (Enceladus) like to welcome Psychoduck and Darthnihilusgirl as guests for this EAWFiles Exclusive Interview. For those of you that do not know them they are the leaders of the upcoming mod Force of War. This mod brings the mysteries and exciting events of the Force Unleashed era to the Empire at War game. It boasts new units from this era and brand new maps to reflect the locations seen in the Force Unleashed video game.

Enceladus: Thank-you for agreeing to do this interview Psychoduck. I’m sure it will be extremely informative for the public. What motivated you as a modder to begin work on a mod based in the Force Unleashed era?

Psychoduck: Well, I liked TFU (The Force Unleashed) quite a bit. I really liked some of the stormtrooper variants in the Force Unleashed game (ie. The Incinerator Troopers and the EVO Troopers). I originally planned to make a mod including just the Imperial units from the game but when I posted a thread about it on the File Front Forums Darthnihilusgirl said that she was interested and the mod quickly blossomed into a fully fledged Force Unleashed total conversion mod.

Enceladus: How do you think this mod will differ in success from how Casilikan Insurrection turned out? Do you believe that this mod has a much higher chance of success? What do you think will make this mod succeed?

Psychoduck: Well Casilikan Insurrection failed for numerous reasons. For one thing, it was entirely fanon. I also had no experience at the time with leading a mod team. The community’s interest was not great and therefore, the mod eventually died. FOW is different for a few reasons. We started off with a good team, and the mod is based off a subject that a lot of people are interested in. Plenty of people outside the team have given us some of their resources which really helps with putting the mod together. The Alpha Blue Modding Alliance has also been a big help and has contributed to the mod’s development.

Enceladus: For this mod do you plan on changing the actual game-play of EAW/FOC at all or will you just be adding new units? If you are making new game-play changes could you explain some of your concepts and changes for the game?

Psychoduck: We will definitely be adding some changes. We can’t reveal them yet in much detail, but let’s just say that you will be able to get larger amounts of troops to the battlefield in new ways. MDUs (Mobile Defence Units) will also play a big role in game-play in the Force of War mod.

Enceladus: How do you plan on implementing the All Terrain Construction Transport and its tractor beam as a weapon into the game?

Psychoduck: We are still talking about this unit but it will probably be used to heal allied vehicles. We aren’t quite sure if there will be a way to implement its tractor beam in the game though in the way it was displayed in the Force Unleashed game.

Enceladus: Is there a chance we could see some new indigenous units like the Bull Rancor, Rodians and the Junk Titan or are do you already have it in your plans to include these units?

Psychoduck: Of course, the Bull Rancor will be featured as a hero familiar for Maris Brood similar to how Cuddles worked with Silri. The Junk Titan will be a very powerful unit for the Rebellion. Felucians will also be Rebellion units. I’ll talk about how and when Rodians will be implemented in a little bit.

Enceladus: The public has already seen some new maps...Are you planning to make new maps for all the planets in normal Forces of Corruption or just for the locations featured in the Force Unleashed game?

Psychoduck: We simply do not have the time or resources to re-map every planet in the game. However planets like Felucia, Kashyyyk, Bespin, and a few others will have new maps.

Enceladus: Is the Force of War mod going to feature the Death Star as a location? If it will be a location then how will you implement it as a map and as a location on the Galactic Conquest map?

Psychoduck: You’ll have to wait and see what our plans for the Death Star are. I promise you will like them. ;)

Enceladus: I’ve heard that there might be a “v2†of this mod after the initial release. If this rumour is true what will this release compose of?

Psychoduck: It is a definite possibility. If we do make a V2 it will most likely feature the Rodians, Chop’aa Notimo, and some other cool new stuff. I personally would also like adding a campaign.

Enceladus: I’ve also seen that you have recently merged with Alpha Blue. What are some of the reasons behind this decision? How do you believe it will be beneficial to the Force of War mod?

Psychoduck: After THX 1138 left the team we were in a bit of a rut. We needed more resources and the Alpha Blue Modding Alliance was a definite way to obtain some of these resources. I’ve also wanted to be part of something like Alpha Blue for some time now and am glad to contribute to the Alpha Blue Modding community. Joining Alpha Blue was a great idea and I encourage all fans of the mod and EAW in general to check out the Alpha Blue Modding Alliance site. (http://alphabluemodding.com/forum/index.php?&CODE=00)

Enceladus: What is it that separates this mod from all the other mods out there?

Psychoduck: I think there are a lot of things that separate Force of War from other mods. We are exploring a new era in the Star Wars universe that hasn’t been explored in the EAW community. We are also adding cool new units, abilities, maps, and game-play tweaks that haven’t been seen before.

Enceladus: What do you think of your current staff? Are there any positions that you are looking to be filled?

Darthnihilusirl: So far the Force of War staff is working out well at the moment. However we could use modellers and some coders that can handle LUA Scripts for mostly new abilities, and skinners. If you wish to apply see here: http://alphabluemodding.com/forum/index.php?showforum=61

Psychoduck: I am quite happy with our current staff but the more, the merrier! Enceladus: What other mods would you like to see released for Empire at War for your own personal enjoyment or just as a booster to the EAW community?

Darthnihilusgirl: The mod I’d like to see most would have to be a Killzone mod (you know the game for the Play Station 2 and the new one for Play Station 3). I realize it's not Star Wars but you do see a lot non-Star Wars mods out there and I think a Killzone mod would be great because both sides; the ISA and Helghast have some ships and a lot of land units, I personally think it would be an ideal mod to make.

Psychoduck: I personally can’t wait for RAW to be released. It has been a great experience working on it and I am looking forward to playing it. I also think it would be cool to see a Gears of War mod.

Enceladus: When are you expecting to release this mod?

Darthnihilusgirl: Well, as of right now we really don't have a release date set for the mod but I know the staff would like to have it out sometime this year.

On behalf of the whole EAWFiles team I would like to thank you for this exclusive insight on your opinions and workings of the Force of War mod for Empire at War. I’m sure the public will greatly appreciate this.

~Enceladus~ ~EAWFiles Head News Poster~

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