FoC Spaceship Addon v4.0: More New Models

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Again the Spaceship Addon team has another small but interesting update for you guys.

They've got again some new stuff to show you. The pictures can be seen in the screenshot section.

  • Republic Star Destroyer (model by EvilleJedi/converted by Frankie)
  • Neutron Star-Class Bulk Cruiser (model by Frankie)
  • Demolisher Star Destroyer (model by Frankie)

The Spaceship Addon team hopes you like the new ships, there will be hopefully some more soon :)

They're also trying to develop "sub-build-menus" for the game. Everybody who has already played Empire at War mods knows that there are often too many ships for the 26 build slots that are available in EaW. The sub-menus would allow the Spaceship Addon mod to have its own build menu for each ship class. They'll post some screenies as soon as it's finished!

Since the team is very busy at the moment, they need somebody to help them with icon creation. Here are the requirements for joining the Spaceship Addon Team:

  • Good knowledge of Photoshop, Paint.NET, GIMP or what ever you use to create the icons
  • Knows how to add alpha channels
  • Can be creative

If anybody is interested send Smallpox a PM on the Spaceship Addon forums or an email.

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