Force of War: January Update

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The FOW team has been busy lately. They understand that they haven't updated in a while and apologize. However, lots of progress has been made. Development is starting to speed up a bit. Models are in producton, maps are being finished, and coding is being... coded. Admiral Jamocking is working on some serious gameplay changes which will be shown off in "Part 2" of this update which should come out sometime in the next day or so. However you guys don't want to just listen to Psychoduck blab! You want to see something cool... like FOW's new Scout Trooper (featured in the FX mod as the Imperial Sniper) courtesy of Dr. Nick (Codeuser).

These are long range anti-infantry units. While having little armor, and almost no offensive capability against vehicles or enemy structures, they are EXTREMELY deadly against enemy infantry units and heros.

And here is what has been making Psychoduck EXTREMELY busy for the last couple of months, the FOW Felucia map! The premise of the map is that the defending base is quite close to the attacker entry position. You could theoreticly attack the enemy base right away. However the front of the base is EXTREMELY well defended and a full frontal attack would be suicide. Instead, you'll want to sneak around behind the base and capture some more reinforcement points and attack them from behind.This map even features the Ancient Abyss which can be seen in one of the screenshots.

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