Frontlines: Not Dead

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Greetings people,

Contrary to popular belief Frontlines(FLS) is infact not dead. The creator (N3bulu5) has just been extremely busy with his job at UPS.

Work on the mod is progressing however it is sadly moving at a snails pace.

At the moment N3bulu5 is re-doing the code for the Galactic Conquests (ie. terminatin g some bugs, putting mission texts in the holocron like vanilla EAW/FOC and much more)

FLS will also be recieving it's own brand new tech system to accompany the changes made to the game.

The models will also be getting new bumpmaps, lights and some new thruster effects.

Today's eye candy is the Enforcer Class with a new bump map and lights as well as the new Frontlines logo. Enjoy.

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