Galaxy at War: Adding to the List

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Hello folks, last time Johnathon provided you with a unit list, today he has more units. He tried to be as canon as possible, but Johnathon thought that adding a little more creativity could not hurt, so he is adding the MC-90, the Eclipse, the Lusankya, and many other famous units. [b]V1 Additions:[/b] [b]Rebel Additions:[/b] T-Wing Interceptor MC-90 Warship Lusankya Corona Frigate Kyle Katarn [b]Empire Additions:[/b] Procurator Battlecruiser Dominator Cruiser Eclipse Tector Star Destroyer [b]Republic Units: Space:[/b] LAAT-Interceptor V-19 Starfighter NTB-20 Bomber Alpha-3 Nimbus Starfighter ARC-170 Fighter/Bomber Eta-2 Actis Interceptor Republic Cruiser Tartan Cruiser Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser Acclamator-class Cruiser Victory-class Star Destroyer Venator-class Star Destroyer(Captial ship variant) Valiant-class Star Destroyer [b]Land:[/b] Clone Trooper Clone Missile Trooper Clone Commander Clone Commando Arc Trooper AT-RT Scout Walker Swamp Speeder At-Pt Walker TX-130 Sabertank AT-AP Walker UT-AT Heavy Tank SPHAT Artillery AT-TE Walker Juggernaught LAAT [b]Transports:[/b] LAAT LAAT/c CR-40 Republic Shuttle [b]Heroes:[/b] Vader's Fist ([i]Empire[/i]) 501st Legion ([i]Rebel[/i]) Delta Sqaud ([i]Rebel[/i]) [b]V2 Additions:[/b] [b]Pirate Underworld: Space:[/b] R-41 Interceptor BTL Y-Wing Class Bomber Aggressor-class Heavy Fighter Rhyxx-class Fighter/Bomber IPV-1 Corvette Interceptor-4 Frigate Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser Venator-class Star Destroyer Leviathan-class Battleship Invincible-class Dreadnought [b]Land:[/b] Pirate Trained Infantry Pirate Plex Soldiers Hutt Commander Bounty Hunter ([i]Commando[/i]) Swamp Speeder Pirate Skiff AT-AP Walker MAL Artillery M-Z8 Pulsetank T-3B Battletank T-47 Airspeeder Canderous-class Assault Tank [b]Heroes:[/b] Tyber Zann Urai Fenn Silri IG-88 Bossk Boba Fett Prince Xisor Jabba the Hutt Katana Fleet Booster Terrik [b]CIS Units: Space:[/b] Scarab-class Fighter Trade Fed Bomber Vulture Starfighter Tri-droid Interceptor Nantex-class Fighter Hardcell-class Corvette Trade Federation Frigate Munificient-class Frigate Recusant-class Frigate Technounion Destroyer Providence-class Battleship Lucrehulk Battlecruiser Pinnace [b]Land:[/b] B1 Battledroid B2 Superbattle Droid B1 Commander Droid B3 Ultrabattle Droid Magnaguard Droideka Dwarf Spider Droid Snail Tank AAt Tank Halifire Tank CIS Artillery Droid Gunship Homing-class Spider Droid [b]Heroes:[/b] General Grievous ([i]Underworld[/i]) Gizor Dellso ([i]Underworld[/i]) Malevolence ([i]Underworld[/i]) Well, that about wraps it up. Johnathon has just finished coding the Dreadnought; it doesn't look much different from the Assault Frigate. Look forward to more updates from Galaxy at War.
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