Galaxy at War: Adding to the List

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Hello folks, last time Johnathon provided you with a unit list, today he has more units. He tried to be as canon as possible, but Johnathon thought that adding a little more creativity could not hurt, so he is adding the MC-90, the Eclipse, the Lusankya, and many other famous units.

V1 Additions: Rebel Additions:

T-Wing Interceptor MC-90 Warship Lusankya Corona Frigate Kyle Katarn

Empire Additions:

Procurator Battlecruiser Dominator Cruiser Eclipse Tector Star Destroyer

Republic Units: Space:

LAAT-Interceptor V-19 Starfighter NTB-20 Bomber Alpha-3 Nimbus Starfighter ARC-170 Fighter/Bomber Eta-2 Actis Interceptor Republic Cruiser Tartan Cruiser Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser Acclamator-class Cruiser Victory-class Star Destroyer Venator-class Star Destroyer(Captial ship variant) Valiant-class Star Destroyer


Clone Trooper Clone Missile Trooper Clone Commander Clone Commando Arc Trooper AT-RT Scout Walker Swamp Speeder At-Pt Walker TX-130 Sabertank AT-AP Walker UT-AT Heavy Tank SPHAT Artillery AT-TE Walker Juggernaught LAAT


LAAT LAAT/c CR-40 Republic Shuttle


Vader's Fist (Empire) 501st Legion (Rebel) Delta Sqaud (Rebel)

V2 Additions: Pirate Underworld: Space:

R-41 Interceptor BTL Y-Wing Class Bomber Aggressor-class Heavy Fighter Rhyxx-class Fighter/Bomber IPV-1 Corvette Interceptor-4 Frigate Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser Venator-class Star Destroyer Leviathan-class Battleship Invincible-class Dreadnought


Pirate Trained Infantry Pirate Plex Soldiers Hutt Commander Bounty Hunter (Commando) Swamp Speeder Pirate Skiff AT-AP Walker MAL Artillery M-Z8 Pulsetank T-3B Battletank T-47 Airspeeder Canderous-class Assault Tank


Tyber Zann Urai Fenn Silri IG-88 Bossk Boba Fett Prince Xisor Jabba the Hutt Katana Fleet Booster Terrik

CIS Units: Space:

Scarab-class Fighter Trade Fed Bomber Vulture Starfighter Tri-droid Interceptor Nantex-class Fighter Hardcell-class Corvette Trade Federation Frigate Munificient-class Frigate Recusant-class Frigate Technounion Destroyer Providence-class Battleship Lucrehulk Battlecruiser Pinnace


B1 Battledroid B2 Superbattle Droid B1 Commander Droid B3 Ultrabattle Droid Magnaguard Droideka Dwarf Spider Droid Snail Tank AAt Tank Halifire Tank CIS Artillery Droid Gunship Homing-class Spider Droid


General Grievous (Underworld) Gizor Dellso (Underworld) Malevolence (Underworld)

Well, that about wraps it up. Johnathon has just finished coding the Dreadnought; it doesn't look much different from the Assault Frigate. Look forward to more updates from Galaxy at War.

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