Galaxy at War: Recreation of a Minimod

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Hello folks, today Johnathon brings you news of a unit list, which is what we all have been waiting for. He has decided to split GAW into two versions. One version with the underworld and one without. Currently, he is working on the one without the underworld. He has just finished coding the Dodonna-class Assault Frigate, which was hard.

He has a screenshot of it as well.

Here is the unit list:

Note that all of the units which are not light, heavy, or medium shipyard buildables are buildable for all factions.

Rebel: Space:

Z-95 Headhunter (Tech 1-2) Structure: Space Station BTL Y-Wing Bomber (Tech 1+) Structure: Space Station T-65 Incom X-Wing Starfighter (Tech 2+) Structure: Space Station RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor (Tech 3+) Structure: Space Station B-Wing Heavy Fighter/Bomber (Tech 4+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards IPV-1 Patrol Boat (Tech 1+) Structure: Light Shipyard CR-90 Corvette (Tech 1+) Structure: CEC Shipyards DP-20 Gunboat (Tech 2+) Structure: CEC Shipyard Rebel Carrier (Tech 2+) Structure: Light Shipyards Nebulon-B Frigate (Tech 1+) Structure: Light Shipyard CC-7700 Interdiction Frigate (Tech 2+) Structure: CEC Shipyards MC-30C Light Frigate (Tech 1+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser (Tech 2+) Structure: Light Shipyards MC-40 Frigate (Tech 2+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards CC-9600 Battle Frigate (Tech 3+) Structure: CEC Shipyards Nebulon-B2 Frigate (Tech 2+) Structure: Medium Shipyards Dodonna-class Assault Frigate (Tech 3+) Structure: Medium Shipyards Dauntless Cruiser (Tech 3+) Structure: Medium Shipyards MC-50 Battle Frigate (Tech 3+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards Corellian Frigate (Tech 3+) Structure: CEC Shipyards MC-60 Assault Frigate (Tech 3+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards Corellian Destroyer (Tech 4+) Structure: CEC Shipyards MC-75 War Frigate (Tech 4+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards MC-80 Battleship (Tech 4+) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards Hybrid-class Star Destroyer (Tech 4+) Structure: Rebel Heavy Shipyards MC-85 Battlecruiser (Tech 5) Structure: Mon Calamari Shipyards Corellian Battlecruiser (Tech 5) Structure: CEC Shipyards Bulwark-class Battlecruiser (Tech 5) Structure: Rebel Heavy Shipyards


Alliance Trooper (Tech 1+) Barracks Alliance Plex Soldier (Tech 1+) Barracks Alliance Scout Trooper (Tech 1+) Barracks Alliance Commander (Tech 1+) Barracks Alliance Commando (Tech 1+) Barracks T1-B Scout Tank (Tech 1+) Light Factory T2-B Attact Tank (Tech 2+) Light Factory T-47 Airspeeder (Tech 3+) Light Factory AAC Hover Tank (Tech 3+) Medium Factory T3-B Assault Tank (Tech 3+) Medium Factory MPTL Artillery (Tech 3+) Medium Factory T4-B Super Tank (Tech 4+) Heavy Factory Gargantuan Battle Platfrom (Tech 5+) Heavy Factory Heroes: Mon Mothma Leia Organa Bail Organa Droids Captain Antillies Han Solo and Chewbacca Red Squadron (Tech 1-4) Ben Kenobi Yoda Luke Skywalker Rogue Squadron (Tech 4+) General Dodonna Admiral Ackbar

Empire: Space:

Tie Fighter (Tech 1-3) Tie Bomber (Tech 1+) Tie Advanced (Tech 2+) Tie Phantom (Tech 3+) Tie Interceptor (Tech 3+) Tie Defender (Tech 4+) Tartan Patrol Cruiser (Tech 1+) Light Shipyards Lancer Frigate (Tech 2+) Light Shipyards Carrack Cruiser (Tech 1+) Light Shipyards Strike Cruiser (Tech 1+) Light Shipyards Dreadnought-class Heavy Cruiser (Tech 2+) Light Shipyards Acclamator Cruiser (Tech 2+) Medium Shipyards Victory II Frigate (Tech 2+) Medium Shipyards Venator-class Star Destroyer (Tech 3+) Medium Shipyards Victory-class Star Destroyer (Tech 3+) Medium Shipyards Broadside Missile Cruiser (Tech 3+) Medium Shipyards Tyrant-class Missile Cruiser (Tech 3+) Kuat Drive Yards Interdictor Frigate (Tech 3+) Medium Shipyards Imperial Star Destroyer (Tech 4+) Heavy shipyards/ Kuat Drive Yards Titan Battleship (Tech 4+) Kuat Drive Yards Executor-class Super Star Destroyer (Tech 5+) Empire Heavy Shipyards Death Star (Tech 5+) The Maw/Endor


Stormtrooper (Tech 1+) Barracks Scout Trooper (Tech 1+) Barracks Imperial Commander (Tech 1+) Barracks Tie Mauler: (Tech 1+) Light Vehicle Factory AT-PT Walker (Tech 1+) Light Vehicle Factory AT-ST Walker (Tech 2+) Medium Vehicle Factory SPMAT Artillery (Tech 3+) Medium Vehicle Factory M1 Hover Tank (Tech 3+) Heavy Vehicle Factory AT-TE Walker (Tech 3+) Heavy Vehicle Factory AT-AT Walker (Tech 4+) Advanced Vehicle Factory AT-AA (Tech 4+) Advanced Vehicle Factory Juggernaught (Tech 5+) Advanced Vehicle Factory Lancet Ariel Artillery (Tech 5) Advanced Vehicle Factory Heroes: Palpatine Darth Vader Grand Moff Tarkin Boba Fett General Veers Admiral Piett Grand Admiral Thrawn Admiral Daala Mara Jade

Thats all for now, Johnathon hopes you like the list. If you want more information, visit

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