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18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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GameCloud has released a new preview of EAW which is a full page worth of text for you to read. Here's a snippet from this preview: [quote]Most of the time you have to battle in space first before sending in the ground troops to capture each planet although the Rebellion side can head down to land first in some sneaky (there's that word again) operations. Space battles are in 2D although you can click on a button that switches to a 3D real time but non-interactive cinematic mode. Land battles are in full 3D and Petroglyph have added details like weather that can affect your forcess (you can't be an infantry trooper on Hoth without the cold getting to you). Reinforcement points are scattered on the map which need to be captured and held in order to bring in more troops. [/quote] Head here to check out more details.

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