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Gamespot has released a new exclusive hands on preview of EAW. The title of this preview appears to be Galactic Map, Space Battles, Darth Vader Crushes All! I'd say that the preview is to do with these topics in hand, I haven't had a chance to read it yet because I wanted to get it out to you as fast as possible! Here's a snippet: [quote]While skirmish should prove to be a good way to quickly get your hands dirty with the game, it's Empire at War's story-driven campaign and galactic conquest modes that should be of real interest to both Star Wars fans and serious real-time strategy fans. Both these modes take place in the game's huge galactic map, which is what you'll use as your strategic interface to plan out your next planetary acquisition--the meat of the game is in capturing different planets, after all. You'll also use the galactic map to commission major new buildings and military units, and to receive missions from your superiors (Mon Mothma if you're playing as the Rebels, Grand Moff Tarkin if you're playing as the Empire). Each planet will have a different indigenous population, different terrain, and different weather.[/quote] Head to Gamespot to check out more details from this preview. I get a feeling it's going to be a very interesting read!

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