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GameSpot has released a new preview on EAW which takes a look at the Single-Player Campaign and Skirmish subjects. Here's a snippet from this new preview: [quote]The second single-player mode is galactic conquest, which is more of a free-style mode compared to the campaign. Basically, you'll be given the task of conquering the galaxy your own way, since you won't have any story-based missions to guide you. Once again, you can choose to play as either the imperials or the rebels, but you must select a map of the galaxy to play on. The game will ship with eight official maps, and these will let you play with different galaxy sizes, tech levels, and starting credit amounts. For example, the "empire surrounded" map has 25 planets and starts at tech level 3 (which represents that it's fairly late in the game). In this map, the rebels start with 15,000 credits, while the imperials get a measly 9,000 credits. This is in contrast to the larger "empire at war" map that has 35 planets and has both sides starting with the same number of credits. You'll use this map if you want to cover the entire war, from beginning to end. In addition to these eight official maps, the game will support custom, user-made maps that the player community can design. [/quote] It's getting more and more difficult waiting for this game to be released! It's not long but at the same time it feels like it's going to be awhile until it's released. Head to GameSpot to check out more details on this preview.

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