Going Away Update - IA2

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Published by Foshjedi2004 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[QUOTE] I'm going away for a week to New York on vacation, so try and behave, listen to your friendly Capt. Sorry about no updates, been busy with packing and such. I come back on the 21st, which just happens to be my Birthday. We have a new Staff Member named Flamshmizer. He and Master Windu Will make a great team. Tank Droid The Corporate Alliance’s favorite enforcer, the Tank Droid packs heavy firepower indeed, making them a highly valuable addition to the Confederacy’s attack force. Tank Droids move on huge central treads supported by two outriggers. Intimidating enough already, they can also utilize vocabulators to instill further terror in their enemies. Even seasoned clone warriors will scatter before this great beast of a machine. Modeled by: TiJiL Skinned by: Master Windu[/QUOTE]
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