Halo: First Offensive - Next Foot Forward

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Hey guys, Halo: First Offensive is here for another update.

The Halo: First Offensive team has been working hard to get you this update. Let’s not say more…

First off, they have the UNSC Marathon class Cruiser. She is one of the most powerful starships the UNSC has to offer, possessing lots of armour, weaponry and hanger space, making this an ideal choice for commanders.

Second they have the Orbital Defense Platform for you. It is equipped with a Super MAC and is capable of shooting a round clean through a Covenant capital ship. Beware these awesome cannons are vulnerable to fighter and bomber attacks.

Also, they’re looking for another modeler and perhaps a concept artist. If you’re interested, please stop by their forums and make a topic in the Job Openings area.

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