IGN Preview Of Star Wars:Empire At War

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[url="http://pc.ign.com"]IGN[/url] have posted an article previewing Star Wars:Empire At War, have a read of this snippet from the article: [quote]Collecting planets grants large economic bonuses. Conquering a planet will grant a one time sum along with increasing the amount of cash given at the start of every new day. Some of the planets also grant other bonuses such as a lower cost for construction of certain units across all planets. On the other hand, going after the story mode can also be helpful. These story missions seem to be the ones to unlock new technology that may help squash any rebellions or pirate presence quickly and efficiently including new ground and space forces. While we haven't managed to get to the AT-ATs yet, we've opened up a variety of ground troops including some new artillery pieces and some bigger ships for space battle. Most planet invasions take two steps. The first is to crush any forces orbiting the target planet. This could mean anything from a few X-Wing fighters to a huge armada of warships, bombers, fighters and space stations. Most planets will indeed have a space station that will be more difficult the more upgraded it's become. Space battles take place on a flat plane (this isn't Homeworld) and therefore the designers have taken to planting asteroid fields and gas clouds in the space environment to make things more interesting. Large ships can't pass through asteroid fields without being damaged and the energy clouds can knock out shields or disable unit abilities.[/quote] To read the full preview please visit IGN by clicking [url="http://pc.ign.com/articles/684/684287p1.html"]here[/url].

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