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There are a number of rules that you should follow when submitting a file to EAWFiles. In recent times a number of these guidelines have not been followed as often as the file posting team would like. First off the most important rule is include a read-me. A readme is NECESSARY for a file to be posted. A proper readme should include a several parts. An installation section in the readme should be included to tell the consumer of the file how to install the file properly. A credits section should be included to show who contributed to the creation of the file. Additionally a permissions section should be included to tell the people downloading your file if they can modify, re-distribute or use your file(s) in their own mod. Preferably a readme should have a bugs section and a list of what is included in the download.

The staff at EAWFiles encourages you to compress your files. Preferably in the standard ZIP format. RAR files require the third party program called WinRar and not everybody is able to obtain this program so RAR files are not recommended. If you compress your files it allows for the file posters to upload the file faster ensuring that your file is posted in a speedy fashion. It also allows the downloader to download the file faster. Overall compressing your file makes everybody happy.

Screenshots are important; however they are not necessary but they are highly recommended. They let people have a preview of your file and encourage more downloads. Believe it or not it also allows the staff to validate your file faster. All screenshots must be in the standard JPG format. This is the only type of image file our system will accept. If your image is in a different format it is easy enough for the file submitter to change the format using the most basic of all programs; Microsoft Paint.

These are some easy steps to make it so that your file will be posted faster. Additional guidelines can be found here.

~EAWFiles File Posting Team~

If you have questions, comment below. If it is an urgent question, send an e-mail to the Site Admin at: paul[at]filefront[dot]com

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