Legacy Mod: December Update

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Over the past couple of months the Legacy mod has made progress, and they are quite happy trundling along at their own pace. Hopefully things will pick up in the new year. But now they wish to show you what progress we have made.

Starting off with the Legacy Era Stormtroopers, the main infantry of both the Fel Empire and the New Order. Okay, THX1138 knows there isnt that much of a difference, but thats what they look like in the Legacy Era. If you can't spot the differences, they eyes are smaller and the mark on the side of the helmet is a slightly different shape.(Screenshot Section)

Next is the Galactic Alliance Trooper. The mod team doesn't have any sources as to what these actually look like, but they imagined them to look similar Kota's Militia from The Force Unleashed. Thanks to Codeuser for the model. (Screenshot Section)

Here they have two custom props to show you: a hangar for an Urban/Desert planet (Screenshot Section) and a Command Post (Screenshot Section) , which now plays a much larger role in the battle, as will be explained in their next update.

Legacy Forums: http://legacy-mod.swmodding.com/forum/

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