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Published by Foshjedi2004 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Talk About teh left hand not knowing what the right is doing. Just a few weeks ago, Lego Star Wars II gleefully reaffirmed everything that was worth loving about George Lucas' irresistable fiction. Then this tired RTS Expansion Pack shows up, and cheerlessly reaffirms everything that's corporate and unisnspired about George Lucas' ungodly money fountain. Empire at War developers Petroglyph: give Lego Star Wars developers Travellers Tales a ring. Go out and get drunk together. Please. For the good of gaming, For the good of Star Wars. So, what do I actually need to tell you here? It's new units, maps and special abilities for the polished but forgettable Star Wars RTS from earlier this year. Surprised? Of Course you're not. Its totally inconsequential if you're not a player of the game already, and barely more worthwhile if you are. The Singleplayer campaign wades through the muddied waters of the so-called Expanded Universe, incorporating storylines and characters otherwise only seen in spin-off novels and games. These are duly available in multiplayer too. Because we're in less charted territory, rather than seeing the Battle of Hoth played out enirely differently from the film, perversely, this offen feels more in keeping with Star Wars than the first game did. Empire at War's ridiculous TIE-Fighters on tank tracks don't look so garish when there's so much other non-canon stuff staggering about too. Though you can now take ove the Galaxy with the help of racketeering and corruption rather than simply repetitive invasions, the process of doing this is remarkably similar, and so the game doesn't feel any different for it. It means a few extra tricks to deploy in Multiplayer, such sa bribing an enemy platoon to temporarily join your side, but really its nothing we've not seen before. The Land Battles are still vapid sub-Command & Conquer drivel and the Space Battles are the same, only with the floor textures removed to try and pretend its ships are something more than land vehicles with different graphics. And I actually feel a little sick that it takes a full blown expansion pack to allow Empire Vs Empire and Rebel Vs Rebel play in multiplayer game. Perhaps its just took this long to wait for Georgie-Boy to sign the reams of paperwork neccessary to permit two Darth Vaders to fight each other. The Extra Faction, the Consortium, is a newly fabricated collective of scum and villainry comprise of utterly generic spaceships and tanks, with the odd Z-list Bounty Hunter from the films thrown in as Hero Units. They do have one thing that raises a smile, though. Just the one. I'll simply say "Ewok Suicide Bombers" and leave the rest to your Imagination. If exploding furballs can't make this game worthwhile, nothing Can. - Alec Meer
Hmmm Interesting Idea there Alec. I believe people on our forums don't agree with you. http://forums.filefront.com/showthread.php?t=288620
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