PC IGN GC 2005 Preview

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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PC IGN has released a new preview based on what they saw at the Games Convention 2005. The preview is quite short but it does explain well what IGN saw at the event. Here's a snippet from it: [quote]It seemed, though, that most people were interested in the space battles. 3D on a 2D plane like Conquest: Frontier Wars, Empires' layered space engagements are absolutely enormous. Fighters look pathetic when compared to corvettes, frigates, or star destroyers. But show goers didn't have any problem dealing with it all because the smaller vessels had indicator icons attached to their units (a unit being a squadron of fighters that all fly independently, for instance). [/quote] Good stuff. Head to PC IGN to check out more from this preview. Did anyone else go to GC 2005 and get to check out EAW?

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