PC IGN Preview EAW

19 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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PC IGN has just posted up a new preview from what they got to play of EAW at E3. IGN say that not much has changed to the game since their last preview but it has been polished a lot more. Here's a snippet from this preview: [quote] The action then shifted to space where an even more impressive battle was going on. Star Destroyers and dozens of TIE Fighters were mixing it up with Alliance cruisers and X-Wings. Though we had seen this kind of space battle before, there were two new treats in store. First, we got a chance to see the new battle camera. This camera offers a very cinematic view of the action, switching to a chase view as a Star Destroyer exploded and then transferring to a view of an Alliance cruiser as TIE Fighters swarmed around it.[/quote] Sounds great! I can't wait to get a go at this game. Head to PC IGN to check out more details about EAW.

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