Petroglyph Continues to Update Star Wars: Empire at War

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On the 14th January we saw Petroglyph provide a patch for Star Wars: Empire at War. A fan favourite game of the studio and also of the franchise it was voted as one of the best Star Wars games and RTS games on numerous occasions. The modding scene for the game is still also very active with some amazing mods that keep on appearing in Mod DBs Mod of the Year Awards either in the top 10 or as honourable mentions like in this years awards.

Here are the player facing updates Petroglyph have put in the patch:


  • [FOC] Two maps were resurrected thanks to Divine_ which were in the data files but never released in the original game. These maps are multiplayer land maps Utapau and Dathomir (Forces of Corruption).
  • [EAW] Five multiplayer maps which were part of the special gold pack bundle never made it into the Steam launch of the game. These maps are included now in the official maps section: Polus Winds (Land), Peril above Polis (Space), Shipyards of Kuat (Space), Race for Ryloth (Space), Ryloth Garrison (Land).
  • [FOC] Ground units with TURRET and/or TARGETING behavior were affected by a bug that allowed for perfect targeting, making many battles unbalanced. We’ve fixed this with the following projectile types: LASER, ROCKET, GRENADE, MPTL_ROCKET and DEFAULT.
  • [FOC] Fighter Hero Locomotors fixed. The movement behavior of Fighter-Heroes (e.g. Millennium Falcon, Slave I) did not work similarly between FOC and EAW. Fighter hero battles are a core element and skill divider in multiplayer skirmish and in FOC they behaved as Squadron members (engaging in dogfights and would mirror the velocity of their target without user input. This changed behavior can lead to situations like the Slave I stopping with the target, staying ‘inside’ the target, but continuing to fire without the user needing to provide input.
  • [FOC] Rocket projectile AoE damage fixed. Incorrect FOC behavior resulted in a projectile only hitting the target Hardpoint of the target GameObject, and all other Hardpoints of surrounding GameObjects in the radius. This has been corrected so that projectile AoE damage applies to ALL Hardpoints in the AoE radius.
  • [FOC] Fixed an issue where certain structures were not counted towards AI Combat Power calculations in Galactic Conquest.
  • [EAW/FOC] Fixed an issue that allowed players to use Boba Fett's jetpack infinitely by activating the ability then right clicking other parts of the map. As long as you don't let him land you can do this forever. Also fixed an issue with the jetpack where players could get Boba Fett stuck by using the stop command while flying over impassable terrain.
  • [EAW/FOC] Spawning units from Hyperspace outside of the borders of the map, if the map is not square, i.e. if the map uses 'soft borders' is no longer possible.
  • [EAW] Fixed out-of-sync bug related to the move to position command in space mode.
  • [EAW/FOC] Fixed a bug in the video settings auto-detect code when running on Intel CPUs that could cause low detail to be selected, or cause the game to crash on first run.

If you want to see the full patch notes click here.


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