Phoenix Rising: Divide and Conquer II

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Divide and Conquer Part II

The Phoenix Rising team apologizes for the delays in getting the revised campaign files ready for you, but they have been working on something else to compliment the work so far, and as with all projects, it has expanded somewhat – they now have full campaign maps of the galaxy with the release, but they digress.

If you go to the downloads section (Phoenix Rising Website), you will find a series of campaign packs enabling you to tailor your Galaxy Far, Far Away experience to your hardware. Installation instructions are enclosed, but put simply, download the relevant files to your desktop and copy the campaign files to your XML folder, ensuring you replace the existing files. The Phoenix Rising team recommends deleting both instances of the Campaigns_Galaxy_Far_Far_Away and GFFA_Lite from your XML folder as well. Full instructions are provided in each pack.

First, the Slim campaign pack is for all users with older machines and for anyone experiencing slow performance with the current files. This contains slim versions of the Core Worlds, Inner Rim and Outer Rim campaigns, but does not contain the Galaxy, Far, Far Away campaign for obvious reasons. You should find a marked improvement in game speed on these slim files, and with any luck you may not even notice the content that has been cut.

Secondly, the Standard Campaign pack includes the full versions of CW/IR & OR as well as a slimmed down version of Galaxy Far, Far Away. While this is considerably faster than the version released initially, they still recommend that you only try this campaign if you are happy with the performance of the Outer Rim campaign as it is larger and runs slower than the full version of the Outer Rim campaign.

Thirdly, there is the Modders Campaign Pack. This contains the master files for serious modders wishing to see the full scale of the raw campaign, but these files are NOT intended for gameplay! The Phoenix Rising team has also tentatively included a full version of the GFFA campaign, with all planets enabled, but personally the penalties of worse frame-rates and increased lag are not compensated for by the modest increase in content. This file is NOT supported by the mod and you play this at your own risk.

Finally, the Phoenix Rising team can introduce the reason for their delays – full campaign maps. Download the map pack to get PDF’s showing the full galactic maps for the Core Worlds, Inner Rim, Outer Rim and Galaxy Far, Far Away campaigns. These images will also be available in the screenshots section.

Finally, please let the Phoenix Rising team have your feedback on these latest campaign files as they plan to introduce new campaigns and upgrade existing ones over the next few months. Your feedback is vital in ensuring these new campaigns run smoothly and with the optimum balance between performance and content. And you are wondering why they have not included maps for the Thrawn Campaign and Operation Shadowhands, then you will have to wait until they have completed their next task – GFFA style revamps of these campaigns with more detailed content.

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